2023 Limited Edition Dolls


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Didnt see a thread for it, so my apologies if there is one

available 2/6/2023 at 7AM PT



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I just saw someone with a pre-sale listing on eBay for Tink and came here because I had not seen anything about it.
Also - saw the 4 "diversity" dolls on shopdisney - some were saying they will be $60, and though they are limited editions, they are somewhat not the same, more of a collab and will be available not just through Disney. If anyone has more info, please inform. I'm not interested in the dolls, but more curious as to the who, what, when, where on what Disney is doing here. If they are in fact LE's and will be available in other retail establishments, that tells me they don't want to be stuck with the 10K dolls they just did.