20th anniversary pin of the month


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Just a heads up was told that they have cancelled this months pin, not sure when they will be coming back, suspect it has to do with the Corona virus that is going around. Also wonder what will happen for the pin event, no pins or maybe cancel the event, guess we shall find out. Maybe our pins will get mailed to us like one other year that the mystery pins were shipped. who knows!


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Here in Florida in the Orlando area they are cancelling conferences left and right at this time. Mayor was on the TV and said it already has cost the local economy about $147 million in Revenue.
Had a Trade going worth an old pin friend in Hong Kong and that is on hold since the P.O.'s were closed in HK until who knows when.


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Oh wow this is intense! United cancelled my flight to South Korea and Taiwan, so my husband and I decided to fully cancel everything. Just better to be safe until the worst blows over. Maybe pin events will pick up in the Fall.