7 grails in one week!


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This is just too amazing to not make a thread about. In 1 week I have been able to knock no less than 7 grails off my list!!!

Ive had an amazing pin mail week. Some packages have been collecting pins at friends for a while, thats why they are big but I didn't want to jinx my luck before I had them in hand, and now they all are!

It all started with a huge package from a pin friend in Japan. It's a mix of bought, traded and zapped pins. Just look at this haul!

This friend is just so amazing. She helps me buy pins from what I asume is some kind of Japanese ebay or mercari kind of site. The prices are always fixed and always beyond amazing. She sends me pics and prices and asks if Im interested. Like the Minnie birth stone set. I have been trying to get pins from that set for a while. I have been able to find one or two now and again. Here I got to buy the whole complete set för 28 dollars total! Crazy!

In that haul is also the last pin I needed to be a Millie and Melody completist. For those who don't know they are Minnies twin nieces. Since I am a mom to twin girls I just need them all! There are not a lot of pins of them but now I own them all! So that was grail #1.


Then this pin came. A kind of zap/trade. I worked on a trade for this with a kind of new pin trader through facebook for a while. I offered them a good pin for it and it was a grail for them. An old doctors day pin and she is a doctor. But this trade just got more and more complicated when we tried to add pins and she didn't know how to ship internationally and then my grandma died and I just didn't have the energy to teach her all about how trading and shipping worked and I had to ask for a pause from it all to just take care of my self for a while. And then honestly I forgot about it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, the girl contacted me and asked if she could just send me the pin as a gift. The box had some damage on it so she didn't want to deal with selling it or anything. I was totally surpriced. That was so nice of her. Its an expencive pin! Of course I said I couldn't accept it as a gift but if she wanted to ship it to me I would "gift" her my pin in return. So we ended up doing the original trade that we decided on. And here the pin is in all its beauty! Its so big and beautiful! I love Minnie and I love wine so it couldn't be a better pin LOL Grail #2


And then I had 2 trades coming from members here. First we have the pin from a trade with @sockgnome
Minnie as Evil Queen and Chip and Dale as Donald Duck are grails #3 and #4


And last buy absolutely not least, my pile of pins from @mybabykelly He have collected pins for me from people who did not want to ship internationally and helped me buy from Ebay and Loungefly and on top of that he also zapped me with the cute Minnie as Leia and the adorable coin with Chip and Dale! I'm so grateful for his help! He really is the best!

And here we have grail #5, #6 and #7 with Minnie as Ariel and Cinderella x2. I am now a Minnie dressed as Disney princesses completist!!! I can't belive it! I will post a pic of my collection as soon as I have them all together. Just wanted to share my joy over all these amazing pins. Best pin mail week ever!!!