83250/3 Coffee and Tea pins - Are these rare?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by stratasfan, Jun 9, 2019.

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    I found two pins that I would really like to trade for, but am wondering . . . are these rare pins? On PinPics they don't say LE or anything special and they have a fair amount of people listing them for trade compared to Wants. However, From the lack of response to the plethora of trade requests I've sent out for them, I am wondering if I am missing something about that makes them a harder-to-trade-for pin?

    It is the Mickey Mouse donut and Tea - Tea only and the Mickey Mouse Waffle and Coffee- Coffee only pins, I'm asking about. PP #s 83250 and 83253.

    Thanks for any thoughts! I just want to know what I'm missing, or if I'm not missing anything. Should I be offering a bunch of pins or LE pins for these?
  2. akarih

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    Nope these are pretty normal pins, nothing special, imo it's just that there are so many inactive members on pinpics that dont answer PMs and you haven't found an active trader that has it....

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    I like to check someone’s wants or traders before sending a request. If they haven’t put anything recent as a want, traders, or collection, then I don’t send a request. Some people don’t respond still, but I think it saves me some frustration. :rolleyes:
  4. Abyssinian28

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    Also, sometimes traders will only trade online if they can make the shipping worth it- so HTF pins, or maybe a big multiple trade. Sometimes they pass when it's an OE or HM pin.

    Oh! Another point- have these pins been scrapped? If so, sometimes traders will only trade for a highly scrapped pin in person, or if they can verify that the pin was purchased straight from Disney. So, as a side effect, sometimes people automatically shy away when they know the pin is heavily scrapped.
  5. stratasfan

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    I have no idea about scrapped for either of these pins. However, checking to see if they have added newer listings in their wants is a good idea! I almost always send a trade request with a note saying I'd do multiple trades, as shipping is way better with multiple trades. I just find tons of people don't answer. Even with some people who are obviously on there and adding new listings to their lists. -sigh-

    I try and stay on top of all my messages, just so no one gets disappointed because I didn't answer. Even if it is to say no. Although, it is only occasionally that we can't work something out! I like trading for trading fun, so it doesn't always have to be hard-to-get pins. Actually, I really like OE and HM pins. And since we don't get to go trading at Disney much, this is really the way we can get HM pins. So, I try and be considerate of others, too, as everyone doesn't get to go trading in person, so I don't mind working with people on any trade.

    I'll send out a few more requests for both these pins, though, since they aren't something rare! I just think they are absolutely sooooooooo cute!
  6. bookhugger

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    Cute pin.....maybe someone didn't want to break up the set and that's why you don't see people trading?
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