90s Disney Movie Pinback buttons


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Hello everyone, This is my first post on the forum so please excuse anything I may mess up. Basically the story is my uncle worked for Kmart throughout the 90s and collected the pinback buttons that promoted upcoming films they would have for sale in the store. Many being Disney. I have too many to list but it's pretty safe to say there are multiple ones for every Disney movie released in the 90s. And some non Disney movies ex: Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, pulp fiction. I know this is predominantly a pin forum but I was curious as pinback buttons aren't too far off. I would love to know what some notables I should look for in terms of rarity or value in terms of Disney if there are any. Thanks so much.


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Buttons are not highly sought here. Maybe $5.

I used to have these too when I worked in retail.


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Okay some of these are really cool :) I'm not normally into this kind of pin but theres something about most of those movies thats just so happy and nostalgia. If i had spare change I would be interested in a few of them, especially the lenticular ones and the toy story ones. I would echo what was above there probably not worth a ton but to the right collector there could be interest.

I suggest perhaps taking a picture with all the toy story ones together and then all the aladin's together etc when you have a bunch of the same series and that may catch the eye of a collector of that particular character/movie and help with selling more of them at once :)


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Of course, I put them all in soft plastic sleeves so I could store them together without getting absolutely destroyed when moving them around. So that's what you will see around them. I do believe I have all of the Disney ones pictured (only of the fronts).

1990s Disney pinback button collection.

This is a great collection. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.


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We used to still get these up until recently from our vendor, the last two I recall was the LA Beauty and the Beast and Zootopia. Some are very interesting and I would gladly wear them on my work vest right now but it’s finding the right collector if you are trying to part with it at fair price. I will say $5 is the high mark if they are in great condition and interesting subject; but I caution that I’ve seen many of those same ones for sale at a local antique market/thrift store they’re usually marked $1-$2 each…


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Thank you all so much for the replies. I'll say they are in immaculate condition. My uncle would get them and pin them to towels and put them in a plastic grocery bag. I rolled them out for the first time in 25+ years.