Zapped! A perfect zap to start the holiday season


Resident Smol Wolf
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So last week, myself and @PixiePost attended PTN at DLR, and we had a blast! I was driving Sora home, and I guess I was gushing an awful lot about one of my now personal favorite holiday specials, Olaf's Frozen Adventure... (ok seriously, everyone should watch it)

Well a suspicious little box showed up on my doorstep today...

Upon opening said box, there was this little fellow!

Who's contents included the only Princess Elena pin I did not yet own (Elena completest? Woo!) and a super cool film cel trading card featuring my cat lady wife, Captain Amelia

There was also a little wrapped package, which contained some super cute Husky socks with pawprint bottoms, a scarf with FOXES on it, aaaaaaand Sir Jorgenbjorgen!!!

He's a good listener

I had lamented missing out on getting this plush last Christmas, because I hadn't even realized it was for sale, and Sora found me one

I audibly shrieked lol, no one was around to witness this tho haha, but omg I love him so much!

Thank you Sora, you are also an amazing and thoughtful friend!


Water Talent Fairy
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What an awesome zap! I loved Olaf's Frozen Adventure too! Just saw it last weekend (even though I bought the kitten in sweater/mittens plush when it first came out, priorities).