Aceastrococopuff is Rochambeau Champion

Discussion in 'DPF Game Room' started by Goofy_Moe, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Goofy_Moe

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    I have been trying to think of a fun way to get back into the swing of things here on DPF…

    Prior games and things always helped to get to know the other members as well as bring a little bit of fun into our hobby of endless searching for these little gems of ours…
    Instead of a game I thought a tournament would be fun…
    I tried to think of something that would give all our members the same chance as any other member has to win it…
    A contest requiring very little skill and basically blind luck…
    So I came up with hosting an Online Rochambeau Tournament…
    What is Rochambeau???
    It is the classic game of Rock, Paper, and Scissors…!!!!!
    But how can we do it online??? I have that part figured out and will explain shortly…

    In order to play in this tournament, please read the following rules and guidelines…

    1. The first (128) members to post onto this thread that they would like to play are in…
    2. Registration to enter will be available until round 1 begins this Friday or until all spaces are filled, whichever comes first…
    3. Maximum of One entry permitted per DPF user name…
    4. Once entered you need do no more unless you want control of your selections for battle…
    5. Tournament will be a double elimination if there are 64 or less participants, otherwise it will be a single elimination tournament.
    6. All entrants will be placed into a randomizer to give them a seed number in the tournament bracket.
    7. Once the tournament bracket is set, we will begin the battles on a round by round basis until we reach our final four.
    8. All 4 members who reach the final four will win prizes with the top prize going to the champion.
    9. Entry into tournament is Free as well as the shipping of the prizes for the winners.
    10. Tournament host may extend amount of tournament players if there is a need, but trying to stay around this range if possible… lol
    11. Official rules of this online Rochambeau tournament to be posted on one of the following few post shortly…
    12. Prizes will be posted on day one of the tournament… So why play if you don’t know what you are playing for??? Why not… You have nothing to lose… LOL…
    13. Tournament is open to all US and International members…

    What I n
    eed to know is who would like to join into my Free Rochambeau tournament for a chance to win some great Disney Pins…

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  2. Goofy_Moe

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    How this Online Rochambeau Tournament will work…
    Once the entry list is completed, all of the members user names will be placed into a randomizer to establish a seed number for each participant. This number will be used to place your name into a tournament bracket…
    The tournament bracket will pair competitors heads up as well as create match numbers for reference…
    Each match (or as I like to call them battles) will consist of a best 4 out of 7 with the winner moving on to the next round…
    All battles will be done by groups to keep track of easier… When all groups finish the round, then the next round will begin… and so forth until we have crowned a champion…

    When it is a members turn for a battle…
    You will have a 2 day window in which to submit your battle commands or a randomly generated list of commands will be created for your battle.
    As with the traditional Rochambeau game in each round you must determine if you are going to use a ROCK, PAPER, or SCISSORS to compete against what your opponent will throw out there… This will be the same way…
    Players must send me a PM with a list of 10 commands to use in your best of 7 battle and these will be posted against your competitor’s commands to see who wins... the extra 3 are in case of commands ending up in a draw or tie…
    If a player does not send in their battle commands they do not get penalized… A random list will be created using the following as entries into the system (5 Rocks, 5 Papers, & 5 Scissors) the list of all 15 commands will get posted and they are played in order from top to bottom as with all others received…
    A list of commands can be sent in any way I can understand it…lol… such as…

    1. Rock
    2. Rock
    3. Scissor
    4. Paper
    5. Rock
    6. Paper
    7. Paper
    8. Scissor
    9. Scissor
    10. Rock

    R, S, S, P, P, S, S, R, R, P

    A member MUST win 4 of the command strikes to win… If after all 10 commands have been used and neither player reached 4 wins, the battle will be determined a draw and the two members will have to send in new battle commands and go at it a second time in a Re-Match… The same guidelines as above will apply to any Re-Match that is required…
    Please keep in mind that this will put a major strain on my inbox which is why we will be doing all the battles in groups instead of all at one time… This tournament in my mind will last about 2 months or so as there are guidelines set in place to keep it going… Even if it is just me playing with a randomizer… Bwahahaha…

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  3. Goofy_Moe

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    Tournament prizes...

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  4. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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  5. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Ok so we are down to 4 players who remain undefeated... and 8 more still hanging on…
    Today’s Matchups are….
    Upper Bracket…
    Aragorn vs Natelove
    Aceastrococopuff vs Lizard1515
    Lower Bracket…
    Maleficent913 vs Madwild
    Tinawap vs Vixy
    Bookhugger vs Sbmpins
    Smiele23 vs Booger1964

    Please send in your list of 25 battle commands ASAP…
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  6. Disnerd1989

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    I'll play! :)
  7. jhari16

    jhari16 Member

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    Bring it on! I'm game!
  8. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    WooHoo our first competitors...

    Best of luck to you all...
  9. Happy Haunt

    Happy Haunt Active Member

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    Oh I'll play! Though my username might change soon, but I'm sure that's not a big issue, right? :lol:
  10. echoharmony

    echoharmony Active Member

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    I'll play!
  11. MMiano

    MMiano Princess Mmiano

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    I'm in! :)
  12. Dalamara

    Dalamara Well-Known Member

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    Me too please! :D
  13. Belle

    Belle Active Member

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    Sounds interesting count me in!
  14. Maleficent913

    Maleficent913 Beautifully Tragic

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    Sign me up!
  15. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Not an issue at all...
  16. lohofosho

    lohofosho Goin' Down the Bayou

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    Sounds fun! I'm in :)

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  17. frozenlanterns

    frozenlanterns Active Member

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    I'll play! I'm viciously competitive :suspect:
  18. Combatdre

    Combatdre Andres!!

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    Bring it on!
  19. Tbird

    Tbird Active Member

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    I'm in.... I'll cut you with my scissors, smash you with my rock and wrap you up with my paper!! :lol:
  20. Chernabog666

    Chernabog666 BANGARANG

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    I am so down for R.P.S.
    Game on !!!
  21. jazzytrumpet

    jazzytrumpet Active Member

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    I'll play!
  22. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    I would love to play but have to pass this time :( I will be in hospital in 2 weeks and won't be able to play
  23. Vixy

    Vixy The Girl That's Never Been

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    Bahaha, I love it! I'm in! And I'm content to let the random number generator do my battling for me. :)
  24. starry_solo

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    I am interested! Thanks for a great game Goofy_Moe!
  25. Goofy_Moe

    Goofy_Moe Well-Known Member

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    Oh you are soo playing Rachel!!!

    Like mentioned above if you are not here at the time of your battle your automatic battle randomizer will kick in and crush your opponents... Lol... Well it will at least give you a fighting chance which is all we need in life... :)

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