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    Could someone explain to me acme pins? From what I understand they are licensed by disney but arent produced by disney or sold at disney parks?
    would you consider these pins less desirable because theyre not fully official? much like a fantasy pin?
    aswell like fantasy pins should someone state the pin is acme rather than produced by disney?
    does a pin being by acme make it less collectable? are they tradeable in the parks?

    sorry about the barrage of questions just seen a lot of acme pins posted in sales groups im in on facebook where they are not listed as such and was wondering if this was akin to a fantasy pin.
    ie would someone choose to not collect acme pins much like someone wont collect fantasy pins?
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    ACME pins are produced by the company ACME Archives which has a license to produce official Disney artwork and pins. They still have to be ok'd by Disney. If I remember, there was in fact an ACME store at Shanghai and/or Hong Kong Disneyland, but it closed? I've known about them for years before the pins came out for producing limited edition paintings, prints, giclee's and so on.

    A licensed pin is just as much an official Disney pin as any other. They just do not have that"Official Disney Pin Trading" logo on the pins. They still have to submit the designs to Disney for approval, or go through some sort of process to get made.

    No they're still not the same as fantasy pins. Fantasy pins are made by people with no affiliation to the Disney company, no license to produce, no agreement, no contract. Fantasy pins are also technically illegal as has come up many times in other topics. ACME pins are just as much Disney pins as anything coming out of Box Lunch, or Hot Topic. Those for example are licensed by Disney through LoungeFly. They're still desired, and still just as much official Disney pins.

    Some people may not care for them, for any number of reasons, but I'm sure there are still plenty of others who do want them.
    Any enamel pin with a (c) Disney on the back is tradable in the parks with CMs.

    Hope this helps.
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    No because they are actually inspected and approved by Disney. They ARE Disney pins. Disney has actually done this before with other companies. The lounge fly and hot topic pins are Disney too.

    At the end of the day Disney does not make thier pins. They are outsourced always.

    The Acme pins were originally for the Us and China however Acmes license fell through in the states and they are only sold in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The people like pinolpolis are actually middle men.
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    thanks for your replies! was very confused as to exactly what they are
    may have to go buy a couple now hahah
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