For Sale: AIW plushes


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I am starting co-op for the Alice in Wonderland plushes.

The cost for the set is $220, total price will be based on cost + shipping.

Alice - TiffyChann
Queen of Hearts -
Cheshire Cat - Stefanie
Mad Hatter -
March Hare -
TweedleDee and TeeedleDum- Amanda L


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The Queen is actually the one I like most in this set. But I'm trying so hard to stop with my plushie obsession or at least just narrow it to Cheshire (which in this set doesn't appeal to me). Plus if I'm doing my math correctly it's likely to be about $40 plus shipping and I shouldn't spend that now. Argh. I hate anniversaries. lol

P.S. I still appreciate co-ops being made even if I'm not participating, so thanks for setting this one up. :)


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I may be interested in the March Hare. But I've got "space issues," and I'm not sure if I want to pull the trigger or not. When you receive them, if the March Hare isn't claimed, tag me here or on chat and I'll re-evaluate. You can likely consider me, probably yes, but if someone else wants the March Hare, they can have priority.