An easy way to frame your pins: Stretched Canvas


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Somehow, I only just noticed this thread.

EXCELLENT tutorial, Alex! Thank you so much. I've been debating about moving my pins from cork to canvas, but I still can't make up my mind.

Nesspins, your displays look great, too!


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Note: You can also just buy the wooden frame, select a suitable designer fabric, and then do the stretching yourself. This avoids the need to buy an additional fabric cover for the original white painter's canvas. You can also have photographs made on a canvas and then stretched to the frame if you wanted to use a family photo or other background.

I would AVOID duct tape for this project. The glue in it will eventually penetrate the canvas and can migrate over time. And you want to avoid the acids in the glue migrating towards your pins. For a smoother edge, fold the fabric to form an even seam. Then staple in place with a staple gun or use tacks that are designed for this purpose. Can't stretch the fabric, some of the Michaels, Joann's fabric stores, Hobby Lobby may be willing to do this step for you. Sometimes it is worth the few extra dollars to have a professional with the right tools do the job properly. (And saves frustration / aggravation if you have difficulty getting the fabric tight enough. I used to do this when working at a professional photo studio a long time ago.)

Another tip is to watch out for the fabric boards. While they look like a stretched canvas, they actually have a solid wood board behind the canvas that is murder on pin packs. I have a very old set of Roger Rabbit pins on one and getting them safely off and into more protective mountings has been interesting for all the wrong reasons.


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Because you're covering it with fabric you can also use used canvases, so make sure you keep an eye out for people throwing them out.

This is a really great display idea!


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Looks great. Think we might be doing this for our Disney wall in our bedroom.

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Thank you, Li, for the demo. It's a GREAT idea.

When Michael's was having the Stretch Canvas sale a few weeks back, I pondered on using them. Another pin trader I had talked with, was using them, and I thought, what a great idea.

I purchased a couple of different sizes. I have make up one, with some of my FAV Minnie Mouse pins. I will have to post a picture of it.

Your display is very nice...thanks again for sharing it with us! You're the BEST!


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Love this! Do the pins need to be prepped/cleaned at all before being put into a display like this? Tarnish and rust were mentioned. I'm sure my pins have oils on them from me touching them. I want to put mine behind UV glass to protect them from dust, fading, and the elements, but do I need to clean them at all to help protect them before mounting?


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This is brilliant, I'm going to try this. I had initially wanted to try using foam core but I've found the holes left from the pins are really evident after pulling the pins back out, so readjusting is a pain. The pins don't stay as well as I wanted, either. Canvas is a much​ better idea!


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I have all these canvases for oil paintings that I just don't know what to do with, and now I do! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!


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Oh Hey! My daughters and I *just* did this last weekend! (I was inspired by my recent Cinderella purchase.) We used the 16 x 20 canvases from Michael's and decorated them with illustrations we cut out of old Disney children's books purchased at Half Price Books. I have some scrapbook paper cutters and punches we used for variety. We did notice the holes left behind when you move a pin, so I love the method of using black fabric first.


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Great idea, but cork boards can be great too. Below is what I created for my daughters room. Cheap corkboard with a $5 piece of fabric from Etsy to cover the cork. I did a similar Tinkerbell one too (with a lot more pins) and they work great.



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Ugh, darn Photobucket removing the 3rd party image hosting! I'm sad I can't see the images, but there are lots of great ideas in the discussion! Currently I just have my few pins holding papers on my home office cork board, lol... but some of them are quite nice/LE/expensive and I don't want any harm to come to them long term. Rusting/tarnishing/damage from finger-oils due to handling never even occurred to me... perhaps when my collection gets a bit larger investing in some sort of shadow box would be wise? At the very least, it would be nice to upgrade them from "holding memos on the home office cork board" to a display that truly shows of the little pieces of art that they are.