Anaheim "Treasured Classics" Pin Event 2018 - post your haul! and review

Discussion in 'Pin Trading Gatherings' started by starry_solo, Oct 23, 2018.

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    I'll post pictures of the event on the DPF FB page this morning, starting at 11 am...can't wait to see some of you!
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    Hey members:lgm:

    If anyone here on dpf is "thinking" about attending today or tomorrow and is still on the fence...I would like to add...get off the fence and come!

    It's going to be busy, but there is a lot of wonderful pins available. Along with some guest artists from Disney and a MUST SEE collectables case of early Disney Pins.

    And remember, this is a trade and sell event. They don't happen to often.

    I (and of course @starry_solo / @jadeites-lady) hope to see some friends and meet some new members.

    Bye for now.

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    I'll come back this afternoon to post my thoughts about the event!
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    OK, I am back with my thoughts.


    Upon arrival (about 10-15 minutes earlier than check-in), I dropped sis off with the bags and boxes and went to park. We then moved from the lobby area to the pin trading area, which had a "registration" desk (not marked, but pretty obvious what it was). It was manned by Melody and her husband (Melody's the pin trader). We lugged our stuff off to the side and then Nat (NL on FB) came by for me to draw a number out of a bag. This number would be my place in line for the LE pin trading boards. I got #12 out of 31. I then lined up at the back of the line, which wasn't too long.

    Inside the Ballroom

    We checked in and were given bright yellow wristbands and three raffle tickets for the event. Nan (@this_and_that) and Anne (@TheMickeyMouseRules) were already seated towards the back of the room. At the very back wall was a row of tables and a bar area. The row of tables were for Disney collectibles (those glass cases were very nice! and Disney legends [as previously advertised on the Pinopolis website]).

    The tables were arranged in a rectangle, with 8 tables (two on the longer sides, one on the shorter side). @jadeites-lady and I sat at tables across from @this_and_that and @TheMickeyMouseRules in part of the rectangle so that our backs were facing each other. It was a spacious set up that allowed for plenty of walking in the space between the eight tables. Along three of the four walls of the ballroom were additional tables. One set, as mentioned above, had the Disney collectibles in the glass case and the old-timer former Disney employees. The second wall was the sales center and table where the raffles were set up. The third wall was just another row (long row) of traders, these from the Disney King Pins FB page/group :)

    Hopefully I can draw it.
    ---- ----
    | |
    ---- ----

    Tables set up like that ^

    It did not start getting busy until 1 or 2 pm, after the "free" traders could come in. It stayed busy until about 5:30 or 6 p.m.

    Sis & I bought one table and it was probably an 8' table with two chair set up. We liked the space. There was an empty table next to us, which had been purchased by the couple who sat at one table that was set up on the side. They had purchased the $500 tables, thinking the pins were going to run out. I gave them DPF business cards and invited them to join the forum. They allowed me to use their second table, free of charge! Thank you so much Matt and his GF! So I spread out our pins and bags and put my box (to collect toys for foster children in Riverside County) at the corner of the second table.

    The pins

    After we settled in, I went to collect the pins I had purchased. Two sets of best friends, two sets of Kingdom Castles (I just noticed that one of the Snow Whites has a flaw!), and my Taste of Royalty pins. Those pins are TINY!

    There were volunteers roaming the ballroom to trade their ACME LE200 pins (you had to have an ACME LE200 to trade for it). Fortunately, we had a few from Vegas that we hadn't sold or traded...which was good because Pinopolis increased the price to $15 for the LE200 pins! All of them, not just the mystery bag puzzles, but all of them....and many of them are now sold as mystery bags so you don't know what you're going to get. That's a 50% increase in less than 6 months!

    So, I took a look at the newer pins and boy, the quality from the Las Vegas (and Florida) trader pins has declined. Here is a picture of one of the newest Rapunzel pins.


    Look at her face, her eyes! I *think* she might be holding a book, but I'm not sure. I got this for a friend who collects Rapunzel.

    And here's a picture (from eBay) of one of the Las Vegas ones:


    She has real eyes that are nicely defined in the older LE200 pins...yeah "older" like five months is that old. But the dress is also more defined too.


    Sis went to get me Starbucks hot chocolate (because it was cold in that ballroom!) and lunch at Red Robin for us to we didn't eat the PB&J sandwiches that I made for us. Well, that was dinner after we got caught in traffic going home on the 91 freeway!

    Trading with guests

    We traded with @pretty Omi , @Tokaji so you are set! We did a few trades and a few sales. I pre-sold enough pins to cover the cost of my table so I was happy. I was equally happy that the people who bought from us brought cash! :D I got a Mrs. Incredible Profile and a Quasimodo profile. Hpefully, I can trade Quasimodo for Mr. Incredible when he comes out...or Jessie.

    Board Trading

    So, at #12, there wasn't any "good" stuff left. Besides the pins that were placed on the boards by the traders (you did both trades at the same time) and a refresh that occurred with each new trade, there still wasn't anything I thought was "good." I did end up with some older ACME pins (the ones they can't sell) and I noticed there were quite a few of those on the board. But they do, somewhat, fit my collection so I may be keeping them. I haven't decided yet.

    The Raffles

    Four items were raffled. A graded Lonesome Ghosts PODM, LE100 Green Minnie, LE100 Mickey/Minnie at fireplace, and a PinPics mouse-ears pin. Table holders got two raffle tickets and their seat-mate got one (so each table got three raffle tickets). Unfortunately, I did not win anything.

    Disney King Pins

    DKP had a table at the far end of the ballroom where they were asking trivia in exchange for the opportunity to pull a button from their box. If the button had a number taped to the back, you won a prize. The first dip into the box, I pulled a new DKP button with Belle (no number on the back). The second dip into the box (because I had an older DKP button to possibly trade), I got a new Oliver button. I traded by Viva Las Vegas Stitch button for it.

    My critique (of course, I have to have some criticisms!)

    Ok, so here is my critique. It isn't very long.


    It was well-organized. They had a portable speaker system so that Desi could announce what numbers could go up to pick the LE pins for LE pins. Yeah, you had to provide a LE pin of 3500 or lower to trade on the boards. I am pretty sure last year, it was an OE pin.

    I also liked that two people could go in at the same time to get the table. That really was good because I (and others) definitely needed help setting up. Last year, they only let one person it (but since sis was helping out at the registration table, that was ok). I also liked the table set-up this year much better than last year's. It allowed people to "roam" around within their rectangular area and was very spacious. I liked that we had the tables until 10 p.m., but I left at 6:30 p.m. and was the last in our rectangular area to leave.

    Parking ended up being free (the bar was lifted up, maybe it was broken). So, a savings of $5!

    There was a bar for those who wanted to indulge in a drink (or two) and for us non-alcoholic drinkers. We didn't know so we brought our own sodas :)

    The RSP was a great idea and one which I hope will be followed for the next event.


    There actually isn't a whole lot to criticize.

    The chaser table was advertised as having a value of $600. But, when you add up the pins & the cost of the table, it only came out to $534 as follows:
    $179 for the LE100
    $140 for the LE300 Castles
    $80 for the LE500 Cut-Outs
    $35 for the LE300 surprise pin
    $100 for the table

    For the "epic" pin boards, perhaps it would a good idea to do what DSSH does, which is to draw a number to start as the first in line, rather than it being #1? OR letting us trade once and then, do a reverse order so that whoever draws the last number gets a chance at an "epic" pin. The only "epic" pin I saw was the one that @this_and_that pulled, which was an Elsa LE100. I didn't see any other LE100s pulled, but didn't check out what others got.

    Okay, I think that's it for now. Everyone who bought pins from me - your pins will be shipped tomorrow afternoon!
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    Nice write up as always Li. I especially like the break Finn on the $600 package. Would be interesting to see a similar one for the $1959.00 package. Hopefully everyone git what they were after and were over all happy with the event. Seems you and sis had a good time. I will also agree that the quality of that pin is poor. Not sure what's up with that but maybe they are trying to do better in the future. Agian thanks for a great write up.
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    One more thing...about the new trader pins.

    If you'll notice, I posted pictures on the DPF FB page of pins they had on lanyards. They were previewing the pins (not letting anyone buy) but I have a feeling that some of them are exclusive to Pin Masters or other Pinopolis and that they set their prices.

    Like these:


    Those are only sold via "authorized retailers" of which I have seen three people post them via FB at $25-26 each + shipping.

    I have a feeling that the larger/better looking ones will be sold through these channels at those prices
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