Any Sabine Wren pins? Star Wars Rebels

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by stratasfan, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. stratasfan

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    Hi, Guys! Sis and I just watched our first eps of Star Wars Rebels . . . and are loving Sabine, the paint-loving Mandalorian! Are there pins of her? I'm not finding any really. We were really hoping for a FigPin! Is there anything for Sabine?
  2. Cheshirecat26

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    There has been a couple pins of Sabine at different Star Wars Celebration pin sets. I have 2 of those. There has not been a figpin yet, but hopefully they will do a rebels set soon.
  3. momin.ator

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    We got to rewatch this recently. One of those Covid binge watches. I think you will like it. My daughter thinks it might
    end up crossing with The Mandalorian at some point.
  4. bingandnelsonfan

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    If you watch the finale of Rebels, it looks like they are going to be continuing the plot there with the coming Ashoka show . . . which is supposed to be part of the tie-in with the next season of Mando. Our best friends are walking SW Encyclopedias and have been trying to get us to watch Rebels for years. :) Lizzy and I were really enjoying them last night. I like Sabine a lot!
    Have just sent some feedback to FigPin asking that they consider making a Sabine pin.

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