Wanted: Ariel Window of Magic

Discussion in 'Pins for Sale/Wanted' started by NDBounce, Feb 28, 2019.

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    My friend who was in line at 6am was unable to get an Ariel Window of Magic for me :(

    Sadly, I can't pay more than $35 shipped.

    If anyone got an extra, I'm looking for one. I know I can't pay ebay prices, but I sure could use some help, and it would be going to a good home and into my personal collection (not resale or trade).

    Thanks for considering!
  2. JumpInTheDPin

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    Do you have anything to trade for it?
  3. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    The Ariel window release yesterday was crazy. I chased the pin around DLR and they sold out in front of me all morning. Otherwise I would have one for trade.

    I hope you gain your pin!
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  4. xdattax

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    My pickup for Ariel got biffed too. Expect it wasn’t a friend. So you’re not alone in your lack of fish girl window. :(

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