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My name is Elena Siu. Im a 19 year old Disney pin trader. I am trying to host a pin event in Monterey with @thedisneypinsibs and @grapesodapinclub on instagram. I'm trying to aim hosting it at the end of July. if you are interested feel free to dm me @siu.elena on instagram. i would love to hear from you guys soon!


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I don't use instagram for pins but I may be able to drive down from South Bay Area if there is enough interest in this. Let me know the date/time, location and venue details (table space availability, food purchase requirements if at an establishment, approximate number of people attending, vaccine/mask rules, etc).


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I would be willing to drive from the Central Valley to Monterey for pin trading. I attended the last one hosted by @thedisneypinsibs and @grapesodapinclub at Fresno and it was great.