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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by PinPuff, Dec 20, 2018.

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    I've been out of the pin world for a while (clearly x)) and was wondering something about Boxlunch / Loungefly pins. I don't have one of these stores near me although I have seen lots of their Disney pins around.

    Are these "official" Disney pins? I know they are licensed by Disney / not bootleg merchandise, but I mean are they tradeable in the parks in stuff since they're not sold in the parks? Are they on Pinpics? Are they made with the same material as regular Disney pins? Just wanted to know a little more about them.
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    I'll give it a shot.

    They are licensed and they seem to turn out new pins every couple of weeks lately.

    The last I heard from a cast member was that they wanted pins with the pin trading logo on the back or wouldn't take them. Never had anyone ever enforce that if it is a new rule. So bottom line is, I don't think you'd have any issue trading them in the park as I have always seen tons of Monogram pins around WDW.


    They appear to be made of the same materials.
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    They are not “official Disney pin trading” pins, but as you said, they are licensed pins and not bootleg.
    Pins just have to have (c) Disney on the back to be traded on lanyards. I have traded hella old epoxy Disney Channel Pins on a lanyard before with no issue, and I haven’t heard of anyone having trouble with these either.
    Some are made just like pins you’d find at the parks, but some have an epoxy coating on top.

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    Ah, understood! Thanks for clearing that up guys:)
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    I own a bunch of these pins, they are really cute looking, decent size and sometimes even bigger! You can order directly online if the store isn't close to you. That's what I do since we don't have one close. The community likes to trade for them too from my experience. Good luck!

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