Can't Get DragonCon 2021 Out of My Head!

Doc Goofy

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I love DragonCon in Atlanta and missed it last year because of the obvious concerns facing our nation..
But I'm trying to complete my plans on attending one of the most unique
conventions in the country. Visiting the Georgia Aquarium is at the top of my list.
I was there in 2019, stayed three hours and didn't want to leave. Yeah, it's that interesting.
DragonCon is celebrating its 35th Anniversary and I'll be going "pin wild"
seeking out those limited treasures. I'm itching, craving and drooling over
the possibilities of reestablishing old relationships and those wonderful
parties and get together's . . . oh my!
Yeah, I admit it . . . I'm costume crazy!!! I'm bringing eleven this time
around. I decided to scale back.
Okay . . . I had to release the DRAGON in me. I still have enough time to
pack three more character costumes.

Doc Goofy

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I would love to display my costumes! However, my son would have to walk me through the process
to show them here.

But here's a list of my garb:
The Creeper (from Jeepers Creepers)
Republic Commando Fixer 40 (Star Wars)
Stargate (Science Officer)
King Ezekiel (TWD)
Kingsley Shacklebolt (Harry Potter)
ICMG (The Empire Strikes Back)
George Clinton (Grandfather of FUNK)
Persian Emissary (300)
Sir Sydney Castings (Vampyre Hunter)
Zombie Ghoul (Thriller)


The Girl That's Never Been
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Well hey. :) I haven't logged on here in forever! But I'm going to my first ever DragonCon this year (I helped out with DC Goes Virtual last year as a close friend helps run DCTV) and a friend told me they saw on Facebook that there'd be a pin trading meetup. I don't have a Facebook account, so I came by here to find out whether anyone else from the forum is going. :)

Doc Goofy

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This is the first time I've ever heard of a pin trading meetup at Dragon*Con.
I'm not saying that it don't exit because there are quite a few swag trading
cards, patches, challenge coins, etc.
I'll have to see if other D*C fans know anything about it.
Thank you for the info.