CAT CON 2018 - August 4 & 5 Pasadena, CA

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    Do you love cats? You should check out Cat Con!

    What is Cat Con? It's a convention completely devoted to cats. Cat and kitten adoptions, cool stuff to buy for your cats, cute stuff to buy for you to show off your love of cats, an artist alley full of creative people selling their artwork of cats, free samples of stuff for cats, meet "famous" internet cats, and more!
    No really, there's like a ton of stuff, there's panels on cat care, there's a for fun "fashion show", this year they even have some dance parties at night.
    If you're in the area, have nothing else to do this weekend, and love cats, you might check it out!
    Can't make it this year, well now it's on your radar for next year!

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  2. cadien

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    I was actually supposed to be there this weekend! Pasadena, not Cat Con. The in-laws' biennial family reunion. I'll text my husband though. They're there without me and our kid is cat crazy.
  3. krand1276

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    Omg, this sounds like the most amazing thing ever! I wish I was in the area to go.

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  4. xdattax

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    Is this the one with a cat beauty contest? An author and photographer who’s IG I follow is judging this feline contest and I wonder if it’s the same since he’s in CA.

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  5. a4matte

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    We just had something similar in Philadelphia this past weekend, Kittydelphia!
    Celeb cats and all!
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  6. cadien

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    Great name!

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