Zapped! Ciao, bella @slbrabham!

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    So the other night, I was woken up by my phone jingling with a text. It was My Favorite Wizard (and yours), saying, "I MUST APPROVE ALL YOUR SMALL WORLD ACQUISITIONS FOR A PERIOD OF TIME!"

    In the haze of sleep, my witty response to this strange missive was ... "Huh?" :D

    Further explication revealed that Merlin wanted to know what pins I was planning to trade for or buy for my new bijou Small World collection. "For reasons." A little prodding got him to acknowledge that someone had asked him to monitor what I was knocking off my Wants list, although he couldn't reveal who or why.

    Today I got the answer when I called my dad to confirm that an eBay purchase had arrived, and he informed me that I had 2 packages awaiting me at his house (where I have Mail of Value sent). As soon as my BF and I finished eating, I hopped in the car and went to solve the mystery ...


    Which is that the incredibly thoughtful @slbrabham zapped me the Italy chaser from the 2017 Small World holiday set!!!!! Sarah, this is so very sweet of you! I was very surprised and excited, and I REALLY appreciate your help in completing my set. Just 2 pins to go! :D

    Thank you so, so much -- I will certainly be looking for an opportunity to return the favor! <3
  2. akarih

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    How kind of her! And congrats on getting closer to a complete set!

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  3. slbrabham

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    It’s a great set and I was glad to help. :D
  4. CCofRR13

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    Nice ~ Congrats!
  5. Shelterkat

    Shelterkat A Very Merry Unbirthday!

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  6. Ajk

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    Nice zap. Congrats!
  7. Booger1964

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    Cute pin! Congrats!
  8. SoraPandora

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