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    We traders vary in the themes and characters we collect. With all the set releases on, sometimes one would only want just one specific pin in that set, related to what that person collects. The problem is: you would have to buy the entire set just to acquire that one pin! This can be pricey and a hassle at the same time! Here is where the co-op system comes in.

    Need that specific pin from a set? Start or join a co-op! Using the co-op forum provided, post the set you want to "co-op" in, along with the specific pin(s) you need from that set. The following format is typically used for co-op threads:

    New Orleans Halloween Masquerade Pin Set -- 6-Pc.

    Jiminy Cricket-
    Mickey Mouse-
    Tinker Bell-
    Mushu - Bricklayer

    (In the example above, the Bricklayer started the co-op, and has claimed the Mushu pin. The other 5 are available, and he is hoping others will claim the rest!)

    Assuming you are the co-op creator, post your name next to the pin you wish to acquire. Others will message you to claim another specific pin. Once you receive their message, update the co-op list by putting their username next to the pin they need, so that everyone will know which specific pins are already reserved for purchase, and which are still available.

    Cost of the pins should be provided by the co-op creator (the assumed price of each pin should the overall cost of the set, evenly divided to each participant) along with shipping charges. The party should arrange payment options between each other. Payments are typically made to the co-op creator. Once they receive payment, the co-op creator will finally order the set, then send out the pin to you once they receive the goods. It's that easy!

    Have any questions? Message me, and I will help you out! :wiggle:

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