Comparing Disney LR and Numskull Mandalorian Helmet pins - Photos


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I thought to post this in the Pin Comparison board, but it sounded from the description like that is only for comparing non-authentic. However, if this should be in that board, feel free to move, Mods! :)

This is a comparison of the current Disney Limited Release pin of the Mandalorian's Helmet and the Numskull pin from the Official Star Wars "The Mandalorian" 10 pin box set.

(For a review of the box set, see this link to another thread.)

We jumped at the 10-pin set, and they turned out to be much nicer quality than we ever expected! By accident, I got one of the LR Disney pins of Din's helmet. So I thought I would share our thoughts - and some photos - for any of you who might be interested or debating on which helmet pin to go after!

Thoughts: The LR pin is a bit larger than the Numskull pin. Also, the LR pin is finished with a very shiny chrome-like coating that creates a mirror effect. On top of the coating, it has distressed patches along the edges of the helmet and the vision area. Personally, we didn't care for the distressed look, as the helmet is gloriously smooth and clear in the show (except when covered in mud). Also, the detail on the LR pin is rather hunky compared to the Numskull one.

The Numskull pin is slightly smaller, but with finer looking details. Also, the metal colour is a bit darker (more gunmetal) like in the show.

All in all, we preferred the Numskull pin, and thought they captured the look and feel of the helmet better than Disney. Here are pictures so you can see the two pins side-by-side!