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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by stratasfan, Nov 23, 2019.

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    Hi! I posted a week or two ago, and wanted to post an update here. I f you remember, Dad is Stage Four with colon cancer since Nov. 2017. Dad went for his every-three-month scans and it came back with another lesion in the liver and a possible second smaller one. We got the results late Thursday and heard from Cleveland Clinic yesterday. They will most likely schedule his next procedure for the week after Thanksgiving.

    So, prayer is really appreciated for his procedure and all the medical people doing it, and that they can get both out, if it is two in the end. And for a speedy recovery for Dad.

    The good news is that the area where his three previous liver ablations were done is healing very well and is at about a third smaller than the last scans. Also, his liver bloodwork shows that the liver is functioning very well, without any test flagged for low or high results. So, even with the cancer and surgeries, the liver seems to be working well.

    This means we had to cancel our plans to spend Thanksgiving with friends, which made us all a little disappointed, but we really can't risk bringing a bug or flu home and have Dad get sick and have to cancel the procedure. they can only do the less-invasive procedure when the lesions are under a certain size, so they typically do it very soon after the scan.

    So, many thanks for your continued Prayers! We so appreciate it! It has just been a tough few days, but we are really thankful that they can catch it soon enough to do the less-invasive surgery.

    God Bless,
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    God bless you all. I will be praying!
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    Prayers and positive vibes continued to be sent your way
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    Praying for you and your family.

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    Prayers and pixie dust for you, your dad, your family, and the medical staff performing the procedure.
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    Sending prayers and lots of love!
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    Off topic...

    I drove right past your home town on Saturday. My niece was getting married in Newark...small world!
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    Praying for the doctors, procedure and for you guys as well. :)

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