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    Welcome to the rules and regulation section of te DFi Murder game. If you have any questions about the game after reading here , please feel free to ask.


    The crime will have taken place before you enter the park. As detectives you will have to follow the clues to figure out who the Murderer/Criminal is. The Murderer/Criminal will not be one of the characters chosen by you the detectives. EVERYONE will be a DETECTIVE.
    As detectives you have two tasks:
    1)To follow the clues given by your host (me) to figure out where the murder/crime has taken place within the park. In other words you have to find each crime scene before you can find clues.
    2)To follow the clues left at the crime scenes to determine which Disney character is the murderer/criminal. The first clue will be given by me at the first crime scene. Any clue thereafter will be given by the victim. This clue will only be given when the crime scene has been found.
    *If a victim is unable to give a clue within 24 hours I or anothe assigned detective will give it

    -Only one arrest is allowed between each murder. False arrests will be announced by management. I will then give a short period of time for the accusey to share the character that was falsely accused. If it is not revealed in a timely fashion then I will reveal it within the game. This is a changed rule to help thegame process.

    -The MURDERER/CRIMINAL will not be a character that is being played by one of the detectives.
    -All arrests should be made via my PM at the bottom of the page***
    -If a detective makes a false arrest they will become the next murder victim
    -If a detective is murdered they will become a ghost

    -keep the action and fun going
    -talk about who they think the Murderer/Criminal is and why

    -Those wishing to become VIP guests after the game starts must email me for character assignment
    -VIP guests cannot make arrests and therefore are not eligible for the prize pin
    -The purpose of a VIP guest is to allow late comers to join the game and for people who will not be able to participate on a daily basis to come and go as schedules permit
    **EVERYONE must check in atleast once within 48 hours of the game start. Those who can not check in before this will automatically become VIP guests. (Exceptions can be made at hosts discretion)

    -Remember this is a family site! Keep it clean and fun!!
    -Remember I'm in Japan and there is a big time difference. I haven't disappeared(I HOPE) I'm asleep.

    -All rules are subject to change to fit the game needs

    GHOSTS are created when someone is murdered and allows players to continue playing in the game. Ghosts will not have magical powers unless their character had powers while alive.

    1) Detectives making false arrests will be murdered first
    2) If no false arrests occur then we will fall back on the rule that STEF introduced ---a minimum post count rule---I will post a required number of posts between murders/crimes. As long as you meet this minimum then you will be safe. The number required and the amount of time you have will be clearly posted. NO SPAM posts will be counted --in order to count a post must be in character and a minimum of three sentences....try to follow and help the game as much as possible.
    It would also be appreciated if you stick within the game story...although I am a little flexible, if you go to far out of bounds expect me to reel you in a bit.
    No only OOC (Out Of Caracter)posts will count. If more than one person doesn't meet the minimum rules I will pull a name from a hat--although I reserve the right to kill all if Im in a particulary evil mood. Also back to back posts only count as 1 if there is no one else posted between.
    During ONE posting period we will use a lowest post count rule which will be explained at that time.
    In addition some periods will be a minimum post group post in which the group must meet the count or everyone will be in danger of death.
    Please also DO NOT play more than your character that you signed up with. I don't need alot of extra characters to keep track of. I am flexible....for example...if you are playing King Louie, I don't mind an occasional appearance by his monkey minions to run an errand, but you shouldn't play Baloo and Kaa and Mowgli as a group. If you aren't sure feel free to ask me.
    * This situation creates a dilemna for all. If you guess too soon you may be murdered. If you don't participate you may be murdered

    Part of the reason I'm doing this game is to share my homepark with everyone who may never get here. Throughout the game I will ask trivia questions about Tokyo Disney Resort or the park we are in. The first detective that POSTS the correct answer will be allowed to ask me one YES/NO question about the murderer. ALL QUESTIONS must be asked in the game(no more secret questions) Questions must be asked within 24 hours of notification that the answer is correct. I will then post the answer in the game for all to see. UNFORTUNATELY this rule change came about because of an incident last game.

    1)You must be a registered detective
    2)You cannot be a VIP guest or a ghost
    3) You must be the FIRST detective to PM me the correct identity of the murderer/criminal

    ** 72 hour rule*** If at any time during the game any character goes 72 hours straight without atleast 1 post I reserve the right to either change that player to VIP status or kill off their character---depending on the needs of the game. Everyone should be able to post atleast one time every 72 hours.

    Within the games I request but not require that you keep your logos to a minimum.....although I HIGHLY encourage pictures if they enhance the story....for example if we are in EPCOT and you have a great picture then I encourage you to post it.

    Characters will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. However some characters may not be available from game to game. I will list those characters before each signup.

    *Finally if you know anyone who didn't sign up last game, but wants to play please let them know about the signup.
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    This sounds like a lot of fun . . a little bit it still hazy but i think I can catch on as I go - but when will this start and how long does it usually last?
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    This sounds fun. When/where do we sign up? When does it start?
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    signup area is now open--these games can last weeks so be prepared for that, but you only need to check so often.
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    Sign me up! I haven't got a clue but willing to get my attorney wife to read through the rules etc etc!
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    *Bump for rule changes ... please read*
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    Just read new rules - other game players please read :0)
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    Im ready!!

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