Zapped! Did Katherine lie or did she have too many cats in her home?


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I was on the hunt for a few pins and @krand1276's account looked promising. She had one I wanted and one I needed for a friend. So I sent her a suggested swap. She couldn’t confirm her end of the deal immediately since she was at work, but before we closed the deal, I realized I had one more she wanted - a Tiana pin I had just acquired in mybabykelly’s Christmas game. So I looked again through her account and saw a couple of options, one was a trade for me and one was a trade for a friend. I gave her the option of either since I didn’t know really which was a better trade match. She replied “oh I can’t find the one you want but I’ll do the other trade.” I said “That’s fine. It’s probably fated anyways. Tiana was gifted to me, you want her so I’ll get her to you, and then I’ll get a gift for a friend. Everyone wins!"

Well my package showed up a few days ago and had all the pins we agreed on... plus a zap - the pin she claimed she "couldn’t find." Some cool cats:


Couldn’t find it. Uh huh…. Not buying it. Not going to believe you next time…. . Thank you so much Katherine, you are very sweet! I have a small but growing cat collection and love these rascals. Happy to give the stowaways a good home.


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Lol. In my defense (sort of), what I said was true when I wrote it. Later that evening, I saw a box that has some of my traders waiting to be put up on the trading rack and thought maybe it was in there. It was! It felt like fate and it was meant to go to you, so I was super happy to send it along!

I'm so glad you like it!

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