Disney Happy Meal Toys!


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Have any of you been to McDonald’s to check out the WDW 50th anniversary toys? There are FIFTY of them!



I got three:


Post what characters you got here!

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I look forward to seeing those in thrift shops in a few years ;)

It's so funny you mention this, because about a month ago I was in some antique malls/thrift stores, and they had big Rubbermaid bins of Happy Meal toys in the front, and a girl (around college age) was digging through them like whoa.

When these came out, I thought of her and how many Happy Meals she's probably buying right now...


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We're leaving California today. At the Santa Ana/John Wayne/Orange County Airport, the MacDonalds let us buy just the toys ($2.50 each). They said they only have these two. Lol


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