Disneyland Paris Mid November

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Rish, Oct 27, 2018.

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  1. Rish

    Rish New Member

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    Going Disneyland Paris Mid November. Any advice? Also, I have bought a few pins online (official store) but I didn't keep the cards they were stored in. Do you keep the pin packing? I am not sure I will be trading... will see when I get there.
  2. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    Unfortunately, the only time I went to DLParis was in 2015 - before I started pin trading/collecting. I enjoyed looking for the elements that were similar and different from WDW. Have a wonderful time!
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  3. krand1276

    krand1276 Well-Known Member

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    Yes, just got back from a week there. It is a beautiful park! We loved the Pirates and the Ratatoulle rides.

    There is a trader board on Saturday and Sunday at the Trader Outpost. You can trade two pins per person per day. Type for same type - LE for LE, HM for HM, etc. The guys running the board/shop were very nice. If you have Jessica Rabbit pins, take a couple to trade with Franck (he was behind the register). He took amazing care of us.

    Most everyone speaks English. I did always start with Bonjour and then Parlez vous Anglais? It's just polite to do so and everyone seemed happy to help when I did. Also a Merci at the end for a thank you. They wear name tags with different flags on them to show which languages they speak. I don't recall as single one not having a Union Jack on it. Ordering food was easy. At worst, they have a menu and you just point at what you want.

    It was very cold. Bundle up and stay warm.

    I'm PM you some things to be aware of.

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  4. Rish

    Rish New Member

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    We are going during the weekday so we will miss this shop but I'm really looking forward to possibly trading with cast members ... I know it will be cold and cold does not bother me but I just hope the rain isn't too much
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