Completed Game: DPF 10th Anniversary Giveaway #13

Discussion in 'Pin Games' started by speedwaystar1, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Pecosace

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    1. Favorite music: Any song in Peter Pan is great. One of my favorites of course is 'You Can Fly'. What a classic.

    2. Favorite artist: Mary Blair! I love her style and her mural at the Contemporary Resort is always a highlight before going to the Magic Kingdom. I know I'm close when I see it. Plus it seems very explorer like which I enjoy.
  2. theoucharis

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    1 - Favorite music - I love the songs from "Mary Poppins". My favorite would probably be "Spoon full of Sugar". I also love the music from Moana as well.

    2 - favorite artist - I really like James Coleman. He was once a Disney animator and now does his own artwork, including some with approved/authorized Disney characters.

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  3. sbmpins

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    Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins may be my favorite song. But anything coming from Lin-Manuel Miranda (Moana, Hamilton) gets stuck in my head like gum to a shoe but in a good way. Lol.

    For a long time, Ward Kimball was my favorite artist, due more to his quirky personality than anything else. Recently, I've been learning more about Floyd Norman and seeing his interviews - he was on Pawn Stars selling autographs not too long ago - and his story is interesting. He's such an eloquent speaker as well. He's an artist with pictures and words.
  4. Connies_Hobby

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    Haha...@theoucharis, you beat me to it ;)

    1. Fav Song(s)
    I was going to say any song from Mary Poppins. So hard for me to pick just one, but for now... I'm going with "Let's Go Fly a Kite" - why, because it ends the movie. And the Banks Family are reunited.

    That being said, Moana, was my second Choice. I really enjoy this movie. I'm going to pick, "Your Welcome" because, well, it's just Fun, Happy, Silly and Dwane Johnson (with Lin Manuel's assistance) Aced it!

    2. Fav Artist

    Well @Snoffsan Ty for the pictures of Hollie's (@fireheadfred) art. They're Gorgeous.

    I'm going to pick our own Kristine Mouri, @disneycrazee, I don't have any of her art work to post here. Even though I've taken pictures of them at miscellaneous events, D23 expo, the artist loft at the boys and girls club in stanton.

    It's such a Joy for me to see members of our Hobby grow and prosper in their talent. And this woman has excelled with her art.
    She can make Beautiful works of Art using a sewing machine.

    In closing, I just want to say, I'm really enjoying seeing what ideas our members are coming up with for their games.

    I'm learning, having fun and getting to know our members, better. Lovin' it!

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  5. fuzzybunny

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    Music- lion King
    Artist- Thomas Kincaid love his art work of Disney
  6. coblj003

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    What a wonderful concept for a game...
    1. Favorite music:
    The Sherman Brothers are one of the more famous composers for much of the Disney Music in movies and the parks. I really grew to like the Carousel of Progress’s “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tommorow, currently at WDW in MK’s Tommorowland. I was actually surprised that Disneyland still played it in the background loops throughout the park and wondered if anyone realized what it was from.

    2. Favorite Artist:
    I think Tyrus Wong deserves a shoutout as one of Disney’s under-appreciated artists. He was the lead artist for Bambi, but due to the Disney Studios labor dispute was fired along with his primary credit...[​IMG]
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  7. pincrazy

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    Fun game to read and learn:stitch:
    1) Favorite song- When you Wish Upon a Star
    2)Favorite artist-Marc Davis

    Oldies and Classic Disney:cool:
    Thanks David
  8. cyke23

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    I realize I’m echoing speedwaystar1’s post. My favorite song is A Whole New World.


    I love the original, but I also like the recent one from Zayn Malik. (I may be biased as I secretly like 1D.)

    My favorite artist is Jerrod Maruyama. So many times I’ve wanted to buy his artwork through the years while at Wonderground Gallery. I finally bought the villains magnet set. Then later on I decided I need some artwork on my work desk. I decided to go with his Star Wars print. When my workplace opens up, that’s the 1st thing I’m taking home!

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  9. summerskin

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    1. My favorite Disney song is from the Sherman Brother's in It's a Small World. It's catchy, fun to sing along with, and goes along with the best ride at Disney. I think the Disney movie consistently with the most amazing songs is the Lion King; pretty much every song is fantastic and from beginning to end suit the story and characters perfectly. It's not my favorite Disney movie(it is a great one) but it has my favorite music from any of them.

    2. My favorite Disney artist is Chris Sanders simply because he created Stitch and then the wonderful movie Lilo and Stitch. He also worked on many of my favorite and nostalgic movies as I was a little kid when these came out(Batb, Mulan, Aladdin).


    I also have a huge soft spot for Mary Blair. Her aesthetic is seen in many of Disney's classic movies and rides. She had a sublime grasp of color and her designs have a joyful whimsy to them that makes it impossible not to smile when you see them. She is incredibly talented and I am glad that she is beginning to get the credit she deserves for her contributions for pulling Disney into the more modernistic styles of art.
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  10. Gelatoni

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    1. Favorite song: Brand New Day from Tokyo Disneyland's 35th Anniversary.
    2. Favorite artist: Can I say Tony Baxter? He did a lot of the concept drawings for well known rides.
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  11. CCofRR13

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    Hi David!!!!!!!

    As with any of the anniversary games, I do not want to be in the running for a prize, I just want to play. I am currently not trading and I am trying to get control of my "stuff" so I am in purge mode at the moment.

    Favorite song/music:
    Wow - that's tough. I absolutely love Danny Elfman's music in Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Favorite artist:
    I recently was looking at different Disney artists and I really love the art by Lorelay Bove - it's so charming.
  12. summerskin

    summerskin I control the weather

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    Almost There is a masterpiece and probably my favorite Disney princess song of all time. It helps that Anika Noni Rose is literally perfect.
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  13. pretty Omi

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    What fun prompts! I love seeing everyone's art taste!

    There's so much great music in Disney, whether it's those toe tapping singles that get stuck in all of our heads, or the instrumental background music. As I've grown older I've found a much larger appreciation for the background soundtracks, and it's amazing how when I hear certain parts I suddenly remember clear as day exactly what was happening in the movie!
    I'm going to showcase the song Shiny, from Moana. It's really kind of a different song, and frankly it sticks out in a film like Moana since it's definitely not quite in line with the Polynesian vibe of the rest of the film. But boy is it catchy! Jemaine Clement is a very funny guy, and I just love the extreme Bowie vibe he channeled for this song. Whenever I hear it I can't NOT sing it, and I can't just do it quietly, I have to make sure I'm very SHINY about it.

    Unknown to some, but there is an entire community of art collecting out there that revolves around screen printed posters. These posters are printed on high quality papers, and they originally started as private commissions from fans but have expanded to big companies like Mondo, and Cyclops Print Works, so that artists can create official fan works for Disney, Marvel, and many other properties! I'd like to show you some of Matt Taylor's work! I own his Lion King print, and he has done some other amazing prints for Aladdin, and most of my favorite Marvel films. I hope to own more of his work eventually.
  14. FoolishMortal71

    FoolishMortal71 Well-Known Member

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    Q1 . What is your favourite Disney Music? I mean, come on, this is almost impossible to answer with any thing but "all of it." If I had to narrow it down, even at a bare minimum, it would be four answers. 1. The music from Mary Poppins. 2. The Ashman/Menken era. 3. Hercules. 4. The classic ride songs.
    Q2. Who is your favourite Disney Artist? I really dig the artist SHAG. I love his Mid-Century Modern vibe. I splurged on a piece of art and got one of his D23 Haunted Mansion pieces.

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  15. bcol

    bcol "They call me Bruce" ....and mupins

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    A hundred songs are bouncing around in my brain. From the Davey Crockett record I played on my very own turntable with a needle that you could use as a four penny nail, to the newest(?) Mulan Movie. But I think my favorite is still "A Girl Worth Fighting For" from the original Mulan even though the song was never officially finished.

    My favorite artist has to be Mark Henn.
  16. sbmpins

    sbmpins Pin Trader

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    I forgot SHAG. His stuff is great!
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  17. EvilSleep

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    1. Favorite Music: Pirates of the Caribbean
    2. Favorite Disney artist: Normand Lemay and Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay (who both worked on Frozen and other Disney movies doing concept art)
  18. wonderbywonder

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    Favorite Disney Music: Aladdin - A Whole New World or The Lion King Circle of Life (lyrical) ;
    Mulan - Short Hair (instrumental, if you have not heard, please please listen and be inspired!)

    Favorite Disney Artist: I have soo many, but I'll name one who hasn't been mentioned, Ashley Taylor.
    I would love these prints, not sure where I can find the first one:
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  19. stratasfan

    stratasfan Local Kevin Specialist and Frozen Nut

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    Oh, I like that Wonderground Elsa art! Never seen Frozen art there when we've gone.
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  20. Pibbman

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    Favorite Disney Music:
    It isn’t officially Disney, but it is Disney related. I love all the music from the musical Finding Neverland. It blew me away!

    Favorite Artist:
    Greg McCullough - the piece below is my favorite.
    Greg McCullough - Dream It Do It
  21. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    Favorite music - this is hard! So many great songs and categories. So I'll go with a few answers:
    favorite individual song - any scene-setting song (like Circle of Life)
    favorite movie soundtrack - Inside Out. Michael Giacchino's created some spectacular soundtracks; Inside Out will always be the best of the bunch for me.
    favorite misc. - the DLR main street soundtrack. When you get into the park and walk down Main Street you know you are at your second home.

    Favorite artist - can I use Michael Surrey, the Supervising Animator for Timon?
  22. Spr175psu

    Spr175psu Well-Known Member

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    Awesome game!

    1) Favorite song is, and has always been, "He Lives in You", from Lion King 2. Circle of Life is probably close-ish second, but the former gets me every time. One day, I'll get to see the unbelievable live show in Disneyland Paris in which this song is featured. We always seem to plan our trips during the Marvel days and miss it.

    Honorable Mentions: "Go the Distance", "Happily Ever After", "I'll Make a Man Out of You", "Down in New Orleans", "Gaston", "Where you are", the list could go on and on but I'll stop here. "Poco Loco". Ok, now I'm done.

    2) It depends on how we define artist. My all-time favorite artist (animator) is the legendary, Frank Thomas, who I was saddened to learn this week, does not have a window at Disneyland or Disney World (he, as part of the Firehouse Five Plus Two, has a tribute window in DCA, but that's it). If we're talking about pin artists, I love the work of Alex Maher. His Mr. Toad pins are some of my favorite ones.
  23. Story

    Story PinPics : writerkay

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    First off, I have to say I LOVE this game theme. Not only have I been introduced by so many great Disney artists/artwork that I never had seen before, but I’ve also been reminded of some Disney music that I am due to listen to!! Awesome to See, hear and learn about everyone’s favorites!

    for me, Disney music as a whole is a “pick me up” and cure to all my worst writer blocks. I always feel like I’m discovering something new about the world of creativity and imagination whenever I am reminded of songs I haven’t heard in a while and when they come out with new movies, even if I’m not a big fan of where the story always goes, often there’s a song I love. It’s really hard to choose a favorite, so if there’s no objections, I’ll list a few favorites that come to mind thru categories ...

    1. Instrumentals ... Atlantis Crystal Chamber - the music when Princess Kida is called to the crystals gives me chills just thinking about it! I get the same chills from “Short Hair” mentioned by @wonderbywonder

    2. Princess Songs ... “How Far I’ll Go” kind of emotes everything I love about the classic disney princesses brought into a single song. “Show Yourself” to me beautifully ties in how your past, family and/or heritage can help you become the best version yourself, and also kind of a great superhero song :D

    3. adventure songs: “Merrily On our Way” is too short but still amazing :D to go back briefly to instrumentals, a LOT of the music from The Pirates music ... I can write to all day!

    4. Love songs: “See the Light” - That scene in tangle... wow!

    5. Villains songs... Um, pretty much all of them? No baddie can make their point across in song much like the Disney baddies and STILL come off formidable ;D

    Bonus: Tangled the series impressed me with their music! If you haven’t had the chance to,l and are fans of tangled, check out “crossing the line” and “nothing left to lose” - for a Disney channel series, they did really well to me!

    Now onto Artists, I have to say among my immediate favorites would be Thomas Kinkade, Jim Shore, Mary Blair, Jasmine Beckett Griffith and Jerrod Marayuma. I will add a pic I just found and would simply adore a pin or notebook with his brave tailor rendition :D


    I LOVE original art I’ve seen here tho, and will have to add to my list! ^.^
  24. splashmtnman

    splashmtnman All Wet and Sad

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    1) Favorite Song... I still sing it today... The Ballad of Davy Bill Hayes

    Born on a mountain top in Tennessee
    Greenest state in the land of the free
    Raised in the woods so he knew ev'ry tree
    Kilt him a be 'are when he was only three
    Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier

    1B) Don't forget Xavier X Atencio for "Yo Ho (POC) and "Grim Grinning Ghosts" (HM)

    2) Favorite Pin Artist... Alex Maher Mention on 450 Pin Pics pin descriptions..I'm sure there is a lot more..

    Year 2006 "It All Started with Walt" was the best Disney Pin Trading event ever....Thanks Alex


    3) Favorite Disney Artists....Again so many... I have been blessed to attend a number of "Festival of the Arts" at EPCOT and have meet a few of these talented artists
    My latest acquisition is from Michelle St. Laurent
    It reminds me of our family portrait, with me being the one on the far left


    Also here is a plug for our family friend, artist Tim McCloskey, who we get to preview (and critic) his latest creations before Disney (WDW)
    They are made from small blocks of different wood.


    I should be their agent...
  25. Ajk

    Ajk Let's party like its 2019.

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    Fully agree. Wasn’t at the event, but have gotten many of the pins and they are all fantastic.

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