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Discussion in 'Help me Identify This Pin!' started by oldgumbie, Feb 5, 2021.

  1. oldgumbie

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    I have pin 97153 Baseball Russell in my collection. I'm trying to match the card backer to the pin, but PinPics doesn't show the SKU #. Unfortunately, I did not label the card & I have more then one card with $12.95 on it.

    I'm hoping someone who has the pin can help me.

  2. Pinfun

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    Don’t have the pin but quick search on the auction site shows one sold in Mid-Dec that has pictures of front of pin on card and back of pin card. Looks like 400909119481. There’s also a long T-number that ends in 13135.
  3. oldgumbie

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    Pinfun, thanks for your help.

    I guess I'm not thinking straight. It should have been obvious to me to check on the auction site.
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