Zapped! Elizabeth and Sarah are beary special!


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I recently made a multi trade with @stratasfan and @GroguFan and they sent so many sweet extras!

This is just some of what they sent… They made a keychain and an ornament for me featuring photos of my cat Sophie, and my favorite colors, blue and purple! This was beyond thoughtful of them; I nearly cried when I pulled them out of the box.

Obviously, there was no way I could wait until Winter to display the ornament - it’s already hanging on my wall! And the keychain went on my Small World Dooney. It matches PERFECTLY!!

They also sent me a beautiful Loungefly wallet. (Belle is my favorite princess, especially when she’s depicted with books! So of course I LOVE it!)

They also sent a really cute squishy bear plush (pictured with Sophie) and a bunch of cute stickers and Easter treats (eggs filled with Disney candy and balloons!) - I’ll be divvying those up to send in the care packages I send my friends’ kids every holiday.

Sarah and Elizabeth, thank you so much for everything, sincerely. I feel like I haven’t been my best self lately, mentally, and outwardly, and you reminded me of all the friendship and support I have here on the forum.

Love and appreciate you guys!


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So glad you enjoyed it! :) I had a blast making the pet items. I know how special it is to have a special furry friend! :) So glad you liked the Belle wallet, too! I'll post our side of the trade when we get back! Thanks for the fabulous trade . . . Kevin and babies is soooooooo amazing! :)


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What a thoughtful zap!! When I looked at the thumbnail with the keychain on your purse, I thought your cat looked shocked but it was just her fur ahha

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