EPCOT World Showcase Question for locals!


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Hi, Guys! Couple of questions about EPCOT, that Sis and I are hoping someone may be able to answer! Is there actual/any construction going on in World Showcase? (We know there is a lot at EPCOT, but is there any going on in WS itself?)

Second . . . the Entrance at International Gateway . . . can you park there so that we could buy our tickets there and just do World Showcase? Sis and Ia re really trying to pick a park to go to if we get to visit Gramma this year, and it would be World Showcase that we'd be going to EPCOT for (nothing else). Just read about the entrance at International Gateway and wondering how you would get to that entrance.

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International Gateway is not near the Epcot parking lots. You can reach it via the Friend Ship that runs around the resorts on that side or via the walking path. So more like, you could possibly park at Beach or Yacht Club and take the Friend Ship or walk. (Or Boardwalk, Swan & Dolphin, etc, depending on your choice of ship vs walking.) I don't remember for sure but I don't think there's a ticket booth there, just security and the entrance gate. Someone local will know better, but we've used the International Gateway entrance when hopping to/from Hollywood Studios or taking a break to hop around the Epcot-area resorts. We always had our passes already. But I have a little knowledge of how to access it from experience, haha.


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There are ticket windows at the back entrance to epcot but i think it'll be more hassle to park for it than to just park in the main lot and walk back to world showcase. The construction is cleared enough that there's a path going straight back. Plus the main pin store is under the geosphere near the front entrance.