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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace


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Gainesville, FL
Hi everyone! I just discovered pin trading last weekend:) I bought a bunch of blind bag pins at MK and unknowingly helped my kids trade them for a bunch of fakes. I didn’t know anything about trading and started googling it on our drive home from Orlando. That’s when I learned most of the pins on trading boards are fake. We’ll be back to Disney soon. We bought 4 day FL Residents tickets and have two more park days. I did a little looking for pins online since I spent about $100 and traded those pins unknowingly for fakes, I was hoping to find a deal online. I ordered 9 pins on EBay and then after more research today, I’m betting they’re fakes also! They will be here later this week. I saw on Facebook Marketplace in Orlando a few sellers selling what looks like the current silver, pink, yellow Disney pins on the original white cards, for $5-10 per pin. Are these fakes?

What characters or themes do you all collect?
Sent you a PM.
You are so kind!! I replied to your message. 😊 We are so new to collecting that we haven't started collections yet. My daughter likes anything Princess and Winnie the Poo, and my son was trying to collect the Puffles, but we found out that 4 out of the 5 he traded for are fake :p He also likes Star Wars and Toy Story. I like Orange Bird and Belle.
Thank you guys for your replies! The eBay pins came, and of course, they are fakes. I thought if I avoided a large lot and purchased 5 pins for $15 plus shipping, they would be the real deal, but no..... they are fakes 🥺 It's too bad so many people are selling fake pins. I also ordered the pins I originally posted about from a Facebook marketplace seller. They look to be on their original Disney white cardstock backing. I'll update in a few days if they are real or fake.😜 And I won't buy any more pins that are suspicious!

We are headed back to Disney on Saturday and we're going to Hollywood Studios for our first time!