Figment919 - Going to be on the sideline for awhile


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WOW! That's alot to go through. Praying for your recovery. Take care and get well soon :)


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Sorry to hear, but I wish you a speedy recovery. As others have said, we'll still be here when you're ready for us!


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Take it easy.. recover quickly I hope... we will still be here when you feel up to it. Hobbies can wait while you take good care of you and focus on getting better.


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I want to thank everyone for all of your kind thoughts, cards and well-wishes. Like I have said so often in the past, this hobby is about the people and not just the little pieces of metal we collect. THANK YOU everyone!!

Mike S.
How is your recovery going?


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Recovery is going to take some time. Visit to the surgeon a few weeks ago went well, he wants to see me in a year. Cardiologist will take over care going forward. Hope to start cardiac rehab in about 3 weeks. Sleeping in a recliner since I can't lay on my side until the breast bone is completely healed. Might be able to drive in a few weeks.
I have been down this road as well, I get to see Cardiologist at end of Jan, it will take time for the sternum to heal. as for driving, take it easy cardiac rehab is a so much fun! my surgery was in 2017 if you want to chat get in touch . Just take it easy for a while