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Like to add (again sorry if I missed this one):

“A Bubbly Princess”
“Treasure Troves of Bubbles”

And a little long but couldn’t help it
“The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s bubble” :D


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I'm forever blowing bubbles
Don't burst my bubble
wish you were here
Bubbling up
Bubbling with joy
Even Ursula looks good through this bubble!
Making a splash
Wishing on a star
Treasure of the sea
Sparkling with personality
Pop goes the bubble
Living in a bubble
come and play
Glittering sea adventure
Here comes a ticketty boo
who's watching who
Treasures from above
A mermaid to treasure
unknown treasures to discover
Time for something new
Thingamajigger delight
Mermaid's paradise


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Is "This is great, Sebastian, but I have an appointment to stare at my legged statue boyfriend in ten minutes" too long?

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I have a few:

Deep See Adventure
Sea Through My Eyes
Sea Scope
Deep See
Bubble, Bubble Toil and Bubble
Peek A Boo
Salty Solution
The Salty See