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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by figment919, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. katelouise

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    My exact feelings, time to extract my collection/wants and keep my own list I think...
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  2. dancecats

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    My thoughts exactly. Time to break out ye olde excel spreadsheet and start cataloguing pins that way ... .
  3. chubs191

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    Lemme add a little correction:
    Anyone who gave money to Pinpics or Pinopolis with the false promise of a better database over the past 7 years should be questioning at this point, if they haven't already, why they continue to use that website.

    They've gotten offers to sell Pinpics from people ready to make changes and dedicate more time to the database, but now they're working on a "new experience" akin to VMK from the 2000s.
  4. akarih

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    There's already a VMK revival online, we don't need another!

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  5. TiggerSue

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    I started my excel spreadsheet waaaaay back when PinPics had their first server problems (with the original owners). Like Jabberwocky says, you need to have a backup. It's handy for Insurance purposes too.

    Plus, I keep track of how I got each pin (Trade, the "bay", Event Board, Lanyard, etc.) when possible. :)
  6. starry_solo

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    I started one a few months ago when I had some time off....I got a bit lazy to continue it. I really need to do it.
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  7. Ilikestarwarspins

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    I am super in to digital collecting and cataloging (gaming). I have no interest in Panopolis collecting.

    But to give some insight about why they might want to make it...
    1) It is almost impossible to make money through ads on websites these days. It sucks for creators / site owners. You need to have video ads or sell something to make money. Usuaully even selling a service (like a "premium version: of a website) is not enough.
    2) A lot of companies that are not the best at business try and latch on to the bitcoin idea because they hear its the thing of the future, and feel they've hit their growth point for revenue in their current niche, and then go chasing it. I also had my completely unrelated industry boss wanting to make a "bitcoin" LOL.
  8. rik1138

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    And thus the inherent problem with PinPics turning into a for-profit organization.
    It was so much better when it was just a database for us, run by one of us, and it wasn't a get-rich-quick scheme for the site owners.

    Now ALL they care about is making money off of it... Running a free pin trading database is of no interest to the new owners.
    That is the point when every fan-made 'whatever' starts to fail. (Or, 'jumps the shark' if you are familiar with the phrase... And even that old website is a perfect example...)
    PinPics shouldn't be a company, it shouldn't have employees, etc. It's a fan made website that can be run easily by one or two people in their spare time. That's all it ever should have been...
  9. pinnochiolover

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    Not happy to hear this. Just feels like they have taken something built up and cherished by this community and turned it into their own business opportunity. I'm not interested in virtual gaming or worlds, or their pin game, just want a functional pin database. They don't load pins added to the database and don't respond to emails, the years have constantly chipped away at any interest I had.
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  10. figment919

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    Let's turn the clock back to August 2016, the second "PinCon event" sponsored by the PinPics folks, held right after the Disney Pin Event at EPCOT. A friend of mine could not attend so I went for him and he was registered as a GOLD level member. This allowed him certain things at the event which included a breakfast where the "future of PinPics" was going to be revealed.

    This is the first time that this "virtual land" was presented to the Pin collecting community. As I looked around the room the majority of the collectors had that "what the hell are you talking about" look on their face lol!! The Q&A session focused mainly on the PinPics database and when were the updates going to happen - their right around the corner we were told.

    So basically, we have been here before. The revised database had been under development for years and will never see the light of day. Virtual pins, right up there with the PinPics pin "grading system", and other crazy ideas to make money and do anything other than fix the database - which is all we collectors want.
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  11. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    So... How does a WDW pin from 101 Dalmatians become a pin from 'Pixar Studio Store's?

    (Yes, I was checking out my competition for Disneychildwithin's auction... And noted the odd origin.)[​IMG]

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  12. swscref

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    It's from all of those great database improvements!
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  13. momin.ator

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    It just happens that the default choice happens to be Pixar Studio Store. You will probably find a few
    more pins with that same problem.
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  14. Connies_Hobby

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    Okay... This is Funny.


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  15. fuzzybunny

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    virtual pins, if I am going to spend that kind of money I want it in my hand not on some game board, hope the data base will stay and get up dated soon. Just my opinion.
  16. figment919

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    Just got this e-mail. In case you missed out on all of the other ridiculous and stupid PinPics ideas in the past. Instead of fixing the Database, lets do this:

    So what is Panopolis City?

    What else can you do there? We would like to invite you to come find out!

    We will be having a live training session this Saturday at 12 pm pst on our Panopolis City Facebook page!

    Please join us!
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  17. swscref

    swscref Well-Known Member

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    I'm setting up my tent now, so I can be first in line! o_O
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  18. SoraPandora

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  19. dancecats

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    Just adding a few questions I think they should be addressing, but aren't (or at least, not that I can tell):

    What were they thinking when they came up with Panopolis City?

    Why they thought Panopolis City is something of interest/use to the pin trading community?
  20. swscref

    swscref Well-Known Member

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    Those are tough questions, but I think I know the answers.
    1. $$
    2. $$
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  21. TiggerSue

    TiggerSue Want TIGGER PINS!!! on PinPics - FLTiggerSue

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    WHAT A SHAME!!! I have to miss that.
    I'll be at a "real world" Pin Meet with "real Pins" to trade for!! ;)
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  22. figment919

    figment919 Active Member

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    Dancecats, look at my previous post in this thread about the PinCon breakfast from 2016. This stupid
    "virtual thing" has been cooking for over 4 years with the PinPics owners. It went over like a lead balloon at the breakfast.
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  23. figment919

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    Did anyone visit Panopolis City on Saturday??
  24. figment919

    figment919 Active Member

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    Just got this from PinPics folks. Did I miss where they are providing an update on the database and the "new system"??

    We know you’re probably frustrated being stuck where you are right now, rather than being able to go out on exciting end-of-year adventures. Well, we here at Pinpics and Panopolis City think there’s nothing like a good game to shake off that case of cabin fever. The world’s premier pin-trading site and the most exciting new property on the virtual-gaming map have pooled their resources to send you on a quest for fun and knowledge. And the prizes are some of the most coveted collectibles in the exploding digital marketplace!

    Sponsored by Panopolis’ Fairytale Foundation Museum, this Knights’ Quest Game will have you building up your vocabulary of medieval terminology by immersing yourself in the architecture of our Grand Castle. Respond to this email by 4:30 p.m. PST today (Dec. 23), and you’ll be sent on a series of six “quests” to answer questions about the physical details of a castle. You’ll receive 24 hours’ notice before the quest begins, and the deadline to submit your answers. Answer as many of the questions correctly as you can within the timeframe given. (There can only be one answer list provided per person per quest.)

    Points will be awarded based on the most correct answers given. In the event of a tie, the winning entry will be the the earliest list provided. Scoring is as follows:

    1st place - 25 points

    2nd place - 15 points

    3rd place - 5 points

    5-10th place - 3 points

    All other submissions with at least one answer correct will receive 1 point

    Everyone who lands in the top 10 will receive a beautiful digital patch for their gallant effort on the quest. These digital patches represent the cutting edge of the collectible market -- a sector that’s fast becoming revered for its aesthetic beauty, tradability and ease of storage. The First Place winner will receive a patch celebrating their honorary seat at the Round Table. Only one of these patches will be awarded to the winner of each quest. At the end of all six quests, every participant with a total over 20 points will receive a beautiful patch representing the Grand Castle in all its glory.

    Everyone who received at least one point will receive a patch honoring their status as a knight. And the players with the top five total scores (over 20 to qualify) will be put in the Museum’s Quest Hall of Fame AND receive a commemorative patch to match!

    Respond to this email by 4:30 p.m. PST and you’ll be on your way. Happy hunting, my liege!
  25. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    oooo... I still have time to respond. Better get on it!

    Hahaha... just kidding. I deleted my email already.

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