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Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by Randakinskywalker, Aug 14, 2019.

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    I'm not one to like making individual posts about my stuff (I much prefer a giant thread), but I really liked these two displays I just finished so I thought I'd share!

    This Star Wars board was supposed to be a temporary board to celebrate Galaxy's Edge, and then remade with a different monthly theme. As it turns out, I really love how this ended up looking (aside from the ugly tape I need to replace with invisible tape). Kylo is my main SW collection but I've gathered some light side pins.

    This one I'm not as proud of, but I spent a long time on it so I'll share at least! Maybe some of you will have suggestions! It's for my cats & dogs collections. The pattern is a little busy and only cats, but I couldn't find a good pattern with both dogs and cats on it, that wasn't overly childish. It doesn't look great right now. I'm hoping it'll look better in the light-- I'll post a pic tomorrow morning lol. It's missing my Fairytails pawprints (I want to display them as a set) and my Lion King/Cheshire pins because I consider them a separate collection!
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    You have a lot of great pins! That's a nice Star Wars collection and I love all the Cat and Dog pins. Thanks for sharing! :tigger:
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    Of course Star Wars is awesome, but I think you should be proud of the work on your furry friends set too! I like that the pins blend a bit with the pattern, it makes you want to look closer and search for different pins. Both boards look great!

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