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    Greetings all, and welcome to DPF's Games Room! We have implemented the following updated general forum rules (don't fret - they're very easy to abide by) in order to help games run smoothly and efficiently.

    Rules have been amended due to the increased price in shipping internationally, in order to get reliable, trackable shipping.

    These game rules are effective January 1, 2019 for all games where money, or other consideration, is collected. These rules do not apply to free games.

    1. All prizes must be authentic Disney items, with the exception of fantasy pins. If there are fantasy pins as prizes, they cannot constitute more than 10% of the prizes. Fantasy pins must be of Disney characters.
    2. All prizes must be in hand (physically in the game runner's possession) and revealed to players at the start of the game. No mystery lots/prizes.
    3. The grand prize, if there is a grand prize, must be an authentic Disney pin.
    4. Authentic Disney pins must make up at least 70% of the prizes. 10% of the prizes may (but is not required to) be fantasy pins. Other authentic Disney merchandise can make up the remaining % of prizes. For example, your game has 35 spots. 25 spots must be authentic Disney pins, 3 spots can be fantasy pins and the remaining 7 prizes can be other Disney merchandise (keychains, movies, lithographs, trading cards, etc.)
    5. Absolutely NO hand-made items (drawings, etc.) are allowed to be prizes.
    6. The maximum cost per spot is $35 USD. Shipping may be extra, but shall not exceed an additional $25 for international players. So, if your maximum amount for shipping is $10 for U.S. participants, the maximum amount for shipping cannot exceed $35 for international participants.
    7. There must be an equal amount - or greater - of prizes available as there are spots. For example, if there are 30 spots available, there must be at least 30 prizes available. Opportunity drawings are not allowed!
    8. Payment CANNOT be collected until all spots are filled or whenever the game runner chooses to run the game (without selling all spots). In the event the game runner chooses to run the game without selling all spots, none of the game prizes may be removed. Payments must be made within forty-eight (48) hours of the spots being filled or the close of the game, whichever comes first.
    9. All games must be open to all members. This means that it must be open to international members.
    10. Please limit bumps to one per day; a bump may not be needed if the thread is active with claims or inquiries.
    11. All prizes must ship out with tracking that works. This includes international customers. Tracking that works means it must show that the package has been accepted by the post office. It is recommended that if you use PayPal or to ship packages, that you wait in the line at the post office to have them scan the packages as "accepted." Typically, the customs number assigned by the post office is trackable, up to a certain extent. Guaranteed international tracking requires shipping via priority mail or EMS (which is why the allowed amount for international shipping has been raised).
    12. It is recommended that all packages ship out include insurance, in the event of a loss.
    13. Payment can only be made via PayPal GOODS.
    14. Feedback can, and should, be left appropriately for games made through this forum.
    15. The game runner cannot increase the number of spots once the first spot is claimed.
    16. Mods and Admins may, at their discretion, combine, close, or remove any redundant threads/posts by a single member.
    17. The randomizer will be run by DPF staff that is not playing in the game. A screenshot will be taken and, if possible, a video will also be taken.
    18. is not responsible/liable for any pin(s) traded in this forum, the integrity of that product's representation, any trades that go unhonored, or the shipment or transport of any items.
    19. does not promote/endorse any products listed for trade auction in this forum.
    20. These rules are subject to change by

    Please note: There were rules to games that were pretty much the same as the marketplace and trade auction rules (including pins needing to be "in hand"). Unfortunately, when they were originally typed, the creator didn't change some of the verbiage.

    When the game runner sets up their game, they need to remember to save a post for picked spots (when spots are first chosen), results of the randomizer, and picked prizes (when the randomize has been run). That is THREE empty posts.

    The game runner then needs to tag a moderator to have the moderator save a post too, before opening up for entries. This is where the moderator will post the results of the randomizer. The moderator will not edit the game runner's post regarding results.

    As a consequence, results may be posted in three different posts.

    Questions and Answers

    These Q&As are part of the rules as well.

    Q1: How is the pick order chosen?
    The order in which game players pick is chosen via randomizer. Whichever spot comes in first place in the randomizer chooses first, and continues in randomizer order until all spots have chosen.

    Q2: What happens if someone doesn't pay for their spot?
    The game runner has the option of selling the spot to the first person who calls dibs (in the game thread) OR keeping that spot open. The game runner shall post in the thread that the spot is open before anyone can call dibs (no early "dibs" allowed).

    In either event, the randomizer will run with that spot still there. The spot will not be deleted.

    If marked as unpaid, once the randomizer is run, NO ONE can pay for the spot after the randomizer is run and that spot is skipped when choosing prizes.

    Q3: How long do participants have to choose their pins?
    48 hours. If you will be away from the forum for this amount of time, please send the game runner a list of your selections, in choice order.

    Q4: What do you mean that opportunity drawings are not allowed?
    Opportunity drawings are those drawings where multiple people enter, but there is usually only one or two winners. This is a lottery and illegal in every state, unless run by the State Lottery Commission or charitable organization, of which DPF is neither. This is why they are not allowed on DPF.

    Q5: What do you mean the game can run with less spots? And vice versa?
    If a game runner has 30 spots and only 25 have sold/been claimed, the game runner has the option to run with less spots. The game runner cannot reduce the number of prizes.

    Q6: What if an international player has a US address?
    If an international player has a US address, the US address needs to be linked to their account and chosen as the address to ship to. If this occurs, then the international player only needs to pay for shipping to a US address.
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    As a reminder, the higher your price per spot is, the more difficult it may be to fill up the game!
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