Zapped! Halloween candy swap first package arrived


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Came home to a huge box today from the amazing @momin.ator

Me and the kids enjoyed opening the box so much! We have been to USA quite a few times since we are addicted to WDW lol, and we have tasted our fair share of american candy so we kind of thought we could not get anything new. But this box was filled with candy we never heard of and never tasted. We are soooo excited!


And if that wasn't enough she added so many fun halloween decorations. We totally need to throw a halloween party now!

And in the bottom I found some bubble wrapper. A PIN! And not any pin but a pin from my wants! I love pins with vintage Minnie in her blue skirt!!! My fav look for Minnie!


Such an amazing start of this swap!

I should have 2 more packages coming. I did happen to send 2 extra zap packages so 5 packages should be on their way to members here. Cant wait to see if people like the stuff I sent. Exciting!


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Yay! I am so glad it made it. I hope you have fun with all the different candies we sent.
I can't wait to get Swedish candy! And...I'm so glad you like the pin. :)