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    I'm a big Disney fan! I'm from the Midwest USA and I'm pretty new to pins.

    I mainly made an account to search for information about some pins I inherited from a relative. She had a big board and was pretty heavy into collecting for a few years. There are a couple I'm planning on keeping, but I just don't have the space for a giant cork board full. We have a Disney trip coming up next year, so I'm hoping that I can put together a little extra pocket money by selling a couple.

    The only problem is that I'm not sure what any of them are really worth, but hopefully, I'm in the right places to figure out what I've got.

    I asked in the chat, and they said I need to have 30 posts before I can ask about what the pins are worth? I'm assuming this is to prevent spam? Hopefully, I'll find a couple helpful people I can maybe chat with :)

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    Welcome and good luck with your mission.
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    Hi and Welcome! If you feel like doing some research, here is a two step plan.
    1. Go to Pinpics.com. This is a database of Disney pins for trading. Type in the description of pin - example: Stitch dressed as Maleficent. This will bring up any pins that fit that description.
    2. Once you get the actual name, it is a lot easier to go on Ebay and search in the sold items and see what it went for.

    It's not perfect or fast but it should help you get an idea of what some of your pins are "worth."

    Pin trading/collecting is like any other hobby - it's subjective. Just because one person paid $200 for one pin does not mean that everyone will pay $200 for the same exact pin.

    Good luck!
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    There are buyers here on the forum... Reasonable prices go over very well. We are your target audience for sure.

    Definitely curious to see what you inherited. (And sorry for your loss.)

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    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Posting them for sale here is going to probably be your best way of selling them since we are all pin people and you don't have the ebay fees and such. But A) you need to quote a price and B) as you mention, you need 30 posts before you can load pictures. Getting 30 posts is easy. Just read through the forums and comment on what moves you. In terms of the prices, the advice from @CCofRR13 is right on for getting a rough idea of value. You could also just determine a rough price for the whole set and post it. One very rough guideline for you to help you determine how much effort you want to put into it - Flip over the pins and look at the back. If they say "Limited Edition" they will be more valuable. And the lower the number that comes after that, the better. (Limited edition 100 far more valuable than Limited Edition 3000) And there are certain characters (Maleficent, Rapunzel, others) that tend to be more in demand than others.
    Hope that helps!
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    welcome, sorry to hear about your loss.

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