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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by DisneyPrincessKovu, Feb 19, 2021.

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place, so please redirect me to the right spot if this isn't it.

    Anyways, I am fairly new to Pin Trading, and back when I started, I bought a small lot of like 25-30 pins off of eBay (which I now realize is a rookie mistake that I won't be making again!) back in April of 2020. As far as I can tell most of them look legit, but the more I think about it, the more uncertain I get about their authenticity. I'm just wondering if anyone could offer me some tips on how to authenticate pins?

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    So sadly, most of these pins will look legit to a new trader, but at least 95% of them are going to be fake, if not 100% of them. There's no specific set of tricks to tell, it's a combination of things per pin, and really takes a lot of time and experience to know how to tell the difference. Things like the back stamps, rough or smooth edges on a pin, enamel dips, the finish on a pin, the colors being off, and so forth.
    A quick Google search will bring up blogs where folks detail some of the tells, there's also videos on YouTube.
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    pinsbreaktheinternet on Instagram has several posts on confirmed fake disney pins. It's under their Reels section. I have found it very helpful!
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    I love trading with the park boards. It would be great if the pins on the boards were not 99% fakes/scrappers, but finding a gem in the garbage is rewarding in itself. After 6+ years of board trading, I have now handled enough of the real pins (and the fake ones) to regularly tell just by the weight of the pin (as mentioned above... experience helps when it comes to identifying a fake.) Sometimes the weight is close and I need to check other factors.

    Below are my checks for pin legitimacy:
    1) smooth finish on top, no dips or valleys
    2) no rough edges (between this and test #7 probably the first tests I do of any pin I trade for... I feel the edges)
    3) no border on the back (ie, the waffle pattern goes full on to the edges) (not a 100% check - there are a few legit pins that have a border)
    4) no odd numbering on back (ie, fakes pins where every pin in the set is stamped 4 of 5 on the back)
    5) the drop test. Light weight cheap fakes usually have a thin cheap tin sound.
    6) all pins in the set are the same thickness
    7) weight is appropriate (not super light... like many fakes)
    8) colors match to other pins from the set
    9) no mis-spellings/typos - although this might take some research since the real deals can have typos too.
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    Thanks so much for all the tips, @TheMickeyMouseRules ! (also thanks to everyone else who replied!) I did take another look at the pins in question (the 20-ish ones I got from Ebay) and determined they're all scrappers/ counterfeit. Luckily, I didn't pay that much for them, so it's not like I'm out hundreds of dollars or anything. I'm gonna separate them from my authentic ones and keep them as a reminder/lesson in a separate pin binder. Plus, it'll be good to have some fake ones to compare with anything I get in a trade.
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