help correlating screen names to REAL names


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if you have traded with me recently and not received the positive feedback you so well deserve please please please reach out to me. it is hard for me to figure out and remember who people are and whose screen name goes with what. i plan to create a contact book of people i have traded with more than once. :)

neurologically i essentially have the memory of a 12yr old, but i got sick in my 20s. i know "what i'm doing" and it's not the "OOH A SQUILLE" thing some people have (bc let's be honest i have that too some days!) i'm just forgetful and excitable and really childlike-which is why trading is such a GREAT hobby for me. just hard to remember WHOM the WHOMS are when i have never met them. your screen names are all precocious to me, i assure you.

special thanks to @Pibbman @dznycrzyfmly and @BellesEnchantedRose for signing your package with your screen name. i realize it's just something some people do and something some people DONT do but it really is very very helpful to me.


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Your most welcome! We have created a binder with the people we have traded with as well to keep track of their usernames, real names (and addresses), which trading outlet we met them on (since we do Facebook trading as well as the occasional Instagram trade), whether they have zapped us, if scrappers were sent/what the condition of the pins were in, and whether we would trade with the individual again.

We are thrilled to have traded with you - please send/share a photo of the Mother's Day pin frame you are making when our package arrives to you! I can't wait to see how awesome they will look.

Hope you're doing well - love to talk anytime!

Dznycrzyfmly :cool:;)


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We planned a trade last week and you side of the trade arrived here today and per the tracking for the pin package I mailed, my side arrived at your home today. Pins all look great! I just left you feedback and messaged you to aid your connecting the dots. :)