How To Guide: Bidding in DPF Auctions

Discussion in 'DPF Auction House' started by Psycho Pixie, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Psycho Pixie

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    :wiggle:Well, I am at it again. Here is another installment of my "How to Guide's." This one may have been done by someone else, or it may not. Either way, it needs to be discussed. We have loads of new members, many of whom really want to get into these auctions. Some want to be auctioneers, some want to be bidders. The advice given below is JUST advice, take it or leave it. Please realize that being as active on the auction house as I am, I have noticed things that are effective. Aaaaaand things that are not!

    So, here it is....
    :bowdown:How to bid successfully in the DPF Auction House.:bowdown:​

    :wavey:Simple step by step:

    1~ Check the auctioneers wants. Do you have any matches? If yes great! If not, thats o.k. too!!!
    • If YES: review the pins, are they pins you are willing to bid? would the bid be fair to you AND the auctioneer? If it is fair, go for it!!!
    • If NO: review the auctioneers collection. Do you have pins that the auctioneer might like? Or they could use to re-trade for keepers later? If yes, go for it! If not well... we can discuss that later in this post.
    2~ Bidding:
    • Always include the pin number.
    • A picture or image of the pin is strongly suggested, it catches the auctioneers attention. It can be as simple as a pinpics thumbnail image.
    • If bidding a PODM, include an image of the actual frame/cell/scene in your bid post.
    3~ Adding to your bid or changing your bid:
    • If you are adding to your bid, be kind to the auctioneer by putting your entire bid in the new post. ;) ither by quoting yourself, cutting and pasting your old bid, or by retyping the pin numbers of the original bid AND the additional pins.
    • If you are changing your bid... :rolleyes:Quote your original bid and indicate clearly that you are removing that bid for a new one. THEN list your new bid.
    4~ pay attention to the auction. This part is important...
    • Asking for a leader-board is o.k.... but don't be pushy about it. :shock: We will discuss that in the part below titled "bidder etiquette."
    • Know what other people have bid, so that if you are outbid, you know if you are willing to increase your bid fairly quickly.
    • always be aware of when an auction ends before you bid or change your bid. Occasionally an auctioneer forgets to lock/close the auction when it is over. I find it highly embarrassing when I bid on a closed auction. :facepalm: (Yup, i have done it 3x, because I was so excited about the pin, I didnt read the ending date.))

    :anxious:Lets talk about bidding when you have nothing the person would want....
    • Firstly, that doesn't mean you cannot bid. If you like the pin, find a FAIR bid and make the offer. I Emphasize FAIR because putting a bid up that is incredibly lopsided can make other people who see it, think your trying to snipe or shark the auction. :(Not an image you want in the community.
    • I coined a phrase once, and it stuck for a while.. "Puking pins" and basically it is this scenario: You loooove a pin up for auction. You take a pile of your random pins and just throw them into a bid, tonns of pins, that have no major value, and have nothing to do with anything the auctioneer wants. The best "pin puke" bid I ever saw was in someone else's auction... 17 hidden mickeys, most with negative trade/wants, all with scrapper warnings... were bid on a LE250. :eek: lease do not "puke pins"... Put some thought into your bid. ((there are exceptions, but lets not worry about that right now ok?))

    :angel:Bidding etiquette. (oh boy, here we go)
    1. asking for a leader-board 30 seconds after you bid....:nono: Not really the best of idea's. Unlike me, most auctioneers have a life and cannot check their DPF auction every 15 minutes. Some of the auctioneers out there might even be upset. Since this is a written request, and tones/inflections cannot be added; asking for a leader-board so quickly might be misconstrued as demanding, pushy, or rude. The auctioneer knows you want to win, you wouldn't bid if you didn't want to win right?
    2. Asking for a leader-board because there has been a bunch of new bids, or it has been 24 hours since the last one is TOTALLY OK.:poke:
    3. Putting a note reply such as "reminder to bid later" is fine, and it lets the auctioneer know that there is interest. Just try not to forget you did it! haha!!:dunno: as an auctioneer, I get sad when people say they are going to come back to bid and do not. :cry:
    4. Most auctioneers enjoy banter during the auction. We are all part of the community. Banter and playful jockeying for bid attention is fine. Rude comments or abusive language is not. :sigh:
    5. Do not be upset if a bid that you think is inferior to yours is the winner. DPF Auction House is a Preference based auction house. The auctioneers choice is the winner, not necessarily the bid of the highest value pins.:rolleyes:
    6. Putting a reply in someone auction, such as "Hey I will trade you for that pin! remove your bid!" is totally NOT acceptable. :banghead:
    7. Last but not least, If you are in the top 2-3 of the leaderboard, letting the auctioneer, and other bidders know that you cannot increase your bid is a kind thing. but word it correctly.:dislike: "I give up, your choice of leader confuses me, my pins are way better than theirs!":dislike:... not acceptable. :like: Thank you! but i just cannot increase my bid.":like: is very polite.

    This is just a helpful how to guide. Please feel free to reply with additions, or comments and suggestions!
  2. chipdale123

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    In one of my last auctions, a member said this, and I got super excited because they had some cool Lion King pins. When they never bid I was so bummed :(
  3. Diablo

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    Well written... thanks for the tutorial! I especially love how almost every emoticon is perfectly used just once. :rock:
  4. Psycho Pixie

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    bumpin this baby back to the top!
  5. Connies_Hobby

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    Thanks for this info. It's VERY helpful!
  6. ownedbycats

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    very helpful info - thanks
  7. Ventchick

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    Oi... I have been guilty of this MANY times.... sorry auctioneers! Thanks for the tips, Pixie!

    1. Putting a note reply such as "reminder to bid later" is fine, and it lets the auctioneer know that there is interest. Just try not to forget you did it! haha!!:dunno: as an auctioneer, I get sad when people say they are going to come back to bid and do not. :cry:
  8. siberiaya

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    Very good info! thanks!!! Now i understend how work the auctions!!:bowdown:
  9. FameMonster

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    This how to guide is soooooo helpful especially to a noob like me!
    Now I just need to get some good pins!
  10. Psycho Pixie

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  11. Pbs10

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    thanks for the guide! definitely using :D
  12. milly5513

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    Thank you so so much!!!
    I had lost your thread and had to go to your profile to look for it.
    This really helps I don't bid a lot but the times I have I sadly haven't won but I like the "pin puking" idea.
    Also I have a really quick question how do I post the pic of the pin (from pinpics) in a bid without being to big? Or in general?
    I usually just put the pin #'s and I would really like to add a pic.
  13. Psycho Pixie

    Psycho Pixie Vacations are a grand thing

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    :angel:THANK YOU
  16. Firemandisney

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    Thanks this helped.
  17. pandamallory

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    who pays for shipping of the posted item?
  18. jadeites-lady

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    The auctioneer pays shipping for their own item to the winning bidder.

    The winning bidder pays shipping for their item to the auctioneer.

    So both sides pay shipping.
  19. PinTraderSam

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    Cool concept. I really like this.
  20. Sami

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    Love all the guides, thanks for sharing all this Psycho Pixie, lol these are written really well and funny too!

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