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    This directory serves as a database of users and their pin collections. It is mainly to use as a quick resource to know which other members to tag when posting about new pin releases, but can also be useful to give ideas for zaps, or when considering a trade, or any other reason you'd like to know who collects a certain movie/theme park attraction/etc.

    I will only be adding in members who post here to be added, since someone may decide not to participate for whatever reason. If you know of someone not listed/have a friend who you want to give info for, please nudge them to post themself.

    Listings are organized as follows (I am using "character" and "movie" to explain below, but this would apply to any smaller subset of a larger category) :

    ~ The general movie list (the first list directly under the movie title) are users who collect the entire movie (or post "mainly" a certain character or two but not that specific character ONLY). If there is a specific attribute about the movie (not including character specification), it will be listed in parenthesis after the username.

    ~ Specific character listings (the group of lines underneath the general movie list) are users who only collect that specific character rather than anything from the movie; can have other characters as long as it includes the collected character. If there is a specific attribute about the character, it will be listed in parenthesis after the username.

    ~ The specific character solo listings (also included in the group of lines underneath the general movie list) are users who only collect that specific character by themself with no other character. If there is a specific attribute about the character, it will be listed in parenthesis after the username.

    Using myself as an example, I collect everything from the movie Robin Hood, Rita from Oliver and Company, Felix and Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph, Finnick from Zootopia in his bowling shirt outfit only, and Daisy by herself (no other characters). This is listed as:

    Robin Hood

    Oliver and Company

    Rita - timeerkat

    Wreck-It Ralph

    Fix-It Felix - timeerkat
    Sergeant Calhoun - timeerkat


    Finnick - timeerkat (bowling shirt)

    Fab Five

    Daisy solo - timeerkat

    When posting, please keep in mind that there are a TON of movies that are the exact name of a character in that movie. When posting any of these overlap items, please specify whether you mean the character or the movie. For example, "Robin Hood (movie)" or "Bolt (character)."

    Feel free to request changes to the list at any time, but please make a new post rather than editing your original post, as I probably will not read back through previous posts once I have added them to the list.

    Lastly, the categories listed are just based on what people who have already posted collect. If you collect something that does not have a category listed on the front page, I can certainly add it in! :)
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    Disney Animated Movies - 1 of 5

    These consist of the feature-length fully animated movies. Sequels fall under the banner of the original movie (Simba's Pride would fall under Lion King, Rescuers Down Under would fall under Rescuers, etc.), while movies based on other properties (such as A Goofy Movie, which is based off of Goof Troop) are listed under the original property.

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    Addicted to Alice Pins, Disneychildwithin, Mike_Mouse, shooting4ownhand, splashmtnman, xdattax

    All except Evil Queen/Old Hag/Huntsman - AshleyV
    Evil Queen - speedwaystar1
    Old Hag - akarih
    Snow White - _coronasun
    Snow White, Prince together - _coronasun

    Disneychildwithin, fantasmic24, krand1276, splashmtnman, Tokaji

    Chernabog - fantasmic24
    Hop Low - summerskin
    Nutcracker Suite - ladyroselie
    Pastoral Symphony - _coronasun, ladyroselie
    Sorcerer Mickey - fantasmic24, MerlinEmrys, Sortlora, Stewbaws

    cristywill, Disneychildwithin, ItzaPinfan, Mike_Mouse, splashmtnman

    Figaro - krand1276, Randakinskywalker, SoraPandora
    Jiminy Cricket - tiggeriffic
    Pinocchio - tiggeriffic

    Disneychildwithin, hopemax, Romancing_Train, splashmtnman, summerskin, tiggeriffic, watzshakinbacon

    Disneychildwithin, SoraPandora, splashmtnman

    Flower - AshleyV

    _coronasun, cristywill, Disneychildwithin, hannahland, Mike_Mouse, pilcrow, splashmtnman

    Bruno - SoraPandora
    Cinderella - xdattax (blue dress)
    Gus - cadien
    Live Action - BATB_Abbi, Addicted to Alice Pins
    Lucifer - krand1276, Randakinskywalker, SoraPandora
    Mice - krand1276, SoraPandora
    Prince Charming solo - AshleyV

    Alice in Wonderland
    Addicted to Alice Pins, Ajk, curiousdinah, hopemax, Jabberwocky, Mike_Mouse, Rick195275, SoraPandora, Sortlora

    Alice - SoraPandora, tiffychann
    Alice solo - BATB_Abbi
    Cheshire Cat - akarih, CCofRR13, fuzzybunny, krand1276
    Cheshire Cat solo - TheMickeyMouseRules
    Dinah - SoraPandora
    Dormouse - krand1276, SoraPandora
    Flamingos - krand1276
    Mad Hatter - krand1276
    March Hare - krand1276

    Peter Pan
    DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, Mike_Mouse, shooting4ownhand, SoraPandora, Sortlora, splashmtnman, tiggeriffic

    All except Tinker Bell - Tokaji
    Legend of the Neverbeast - timeerkat
    Lost Boys - pretty Omi
    Mermaid Lagoon/Neverland Mermaids - _coronasun, ladyroselie, minaalinsky
    Nana - Kiragigi
    Peter Pan - raikipins
    Tiger Lily - ladyroselie
    Tinker Bell - Abyssinian28, arielsdinglehopper, ItzaPinfan, ladyroselie, megw717, shooting4ownhand (with inkwells)
    Wendy - tiffychann
    Wendy solo - AshleyV
    Wendy, Michael, John together - AshleyV

    Lady and the Tramp
    carinasthingamabobs, _coronasun, Disneychildwithin, fuzzybunny, ItzaPinfan, Kiragigi, pretty Omi, SoraPandora, splashmtnman

    Jock - Randakinskywalker
    Lady - Randakinskywalker
    Peg - Ksnuggles
    Si and Am - Randakinskywalker
    Trusty - Randakinskywalker

    Sleeping Beauty
    cadien, Disneychildwithin, Mike_Mouse, splashmtnman, tiggeriffic (no pink)

    60th Anniversary - MommaIvy
    All except pink Aurora and dragon Maleficent - Ksnuggles
    Aurora - chubs191 (blue dress), megw717 (blue dress), pilcrow, xdattax
    Books - BATB_Abbi
    Briar Rose - xdattax
    Dragon Maleficent solo - Randakinskywalker
    Dragon Maleficent, Mickey together - Randakinskywalker
    Fauna - Kiragigi
    Flora - Kiragigi
    Maleficent - cyke23, xdattax
    Maleficent solo - TheMickeyMouseRules
    Merryweather - Kiragigi
    Prince Phillip - cyke23
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    Disney Animated Movies - 2 of 5

    101 Dalmatians
    Disneychildwithin, Mike_Mouse, SoraPandora

    Dogs - Randakinskywalker, Tamatoa
    Dogs solo - Koda Pup
    Sequel/Video Game Dogs - Randakinskywalker

    The Sword in the Stone
    cadien, Disneychildwithin, krand1276, MerlinEmrys, Mike_Mouse, slbrabham, SoraPandora, tiggeriffic, timeerkat

    The Jungle Book
    cadien, Disneychildwithin, Mike_Mouse

    Hathi Junior - Ksnuggles
    Kaa - Romancing_Train
    Shere Khan - Romancing_Train
    Wolves - pretty Omi

    The Aristocats
    Disneychildwithin, hannahland, Kiragigi

    Cats - Randakinskywalker
    Duchess - minaalinsky
    Marie - arielsdinglehopper, minaalinsky
    Marie solo - Romancing_Train

    Robin Hood
    cadien, caw caw rawr, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, Jack Skellington, krand1276, pretty Omi, slbrabham, SoraPandora, Sortlora, tiggeriffic, timeerkat

    Alan-A-Dale - MerlinEmrys
    Lady Kluck - MerlinEmrys
    Little John - Randakinskywalker
    Maid Marian - Abyssinian28
    Prince John - MerlinEmrys
    Robin Hood - Abyssinian28, MerlinEmrys
    Robin, Marian together - LittleBird
    Sir Hiss - MerlinEmrys

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    carinasthingamabobs, chubs191, Mike_Mouse, theoucharis

    Classic Pooh - megw717
    Eeyore - krand1276
    Piglet - arielsdinglehopper, carinasthingamabobs
    Rabbit - Mike_Mouse
    Tigger - DawnB (non-hinged)
    Winnie the Pooh - poohkat53

    The Rescuers
    Disneychildwithin, pretty Omi, tiggeriffic

    Jake - timeerkat
    Joanna - GreyWyvern, MerlinEmrys, timeerkat
    Marahute - MerlinEmrys
    Rescuers Down Under - SoraPandora

    The Fox and the Hound
    Disneychildwithin, fuzzybunny, tiggeriffic

    Tod - Abyssinian28
    Tod solo - Koda Pup
    Vixey - Abyssinian28

    The Black Cauldron

    Horned King - cyke23

    The Great Mouse Detective
    Disneychildwithin, MerlinEmrys, pretty Omi, tiggeriffic

    PTDs - timeerkat
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    Disney Animated Movies - 3 of 5

    Oliver and Company

    DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin

    Oliver - AidanShepard, DawnB (non-hinged)
    Oliver, Jenny together - DawnB (non-hinged)
    Rita - timeerkat

    The Little Mermaid

    carinasthingamabobs, chubs191, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, Snoffsan, Sortlora, splashmtnman

    Ariel - carinasthingamabobs, ladyroselie, poisonivory, raikipins
    Ariel as mermaid - shooting4ownhand, xdattax
    Ariel solo - Spr175psu
    Ariel, Eric together - slbrabham, Spr175psu
    Ariel's Sisters - ladyroselie, slbrabham
    King Triton - slbrabham
    Max - slbrabham
    Ursula - a4matte
    Vanessa - cyke23, xdattax

    Beauty and the Beast
    BATB_Abbi, broadwaybookworm, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, hopemax, Jack Skellington, Mike_Mouse, Snoffsan, SoraPandora, Sortlora, splashmtnman, Tamatoa

    Ballroom Scene - Mike_Mouse
    Cogsworth - MerlinEmrys
    Gaston - Spr175psu
    Original Animated - slbrabham
    Stained Glass - Tokaji
    Unique - Tokaji

    DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, pilcrow, slbrabham, Sortlora, splashmtnman

    Al except Jafar - raikipins
    All except Jasmine solo - MerlinEmrys
    Genie - Mike_Mouse, theoucharis
    Jafar - speedwaystar1
    Jasmine - Spr175psu
    Rajah solo - Koda Pup

    The Lion King

    broadwaybookworm, carinasthingamabobs, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, ItzaPinfan, Pengy, pretty Omi, Romancing_Train, splashmtnman, timeerkat

    Lions - Randakinskywalker
    Nala - Koda Pup
    Pumbaa, Timon, Young Simba together - Mike_Mouse
    Rafiki - akarih
    Simba - Koda Pup
    Simba's Pride - DiamondDollJeanette
    Young Simba - raikipins

    Disneychildwithin, Sortlora, xdattax

    Pocahontas - shooting4ownhand

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    BATB_Abbi, Disneychildwithin, Jack Skellington, Mike_Mouse, Tamatoa

    Clopin - Randakinskywalker
    Djali - Randakinskywalker
    Esmeralda - Randakinskywalker
    Frollo - Randakinskywalker, xdattax

    BATB_Abbi, Disneychildwithin, krand1276, MerlinEmrys, slbrabham, Spr175psu

    Adult Hercules - tiggeriffic
    Hades - Mike_Mouse, xdattax
    Hades solo - BATB_Abbi
    Megara - megw717, pilcrow, raikipins
    Panic - carinasthingamabobs

    bcol, cadien, Disneychildwithin, krand1276, pilcrow, raikipins, slbrabham, stitchismyspiritanimal

    Crickee - MerlinEmrys
    Hero of China - AidanShepard
    Khan - PintheraSarah
    Mulan - LittleBird, starry_solo, tiffychann
    Mushu - MerlinEmrys
    Ping - AidanShepard, PintheraSarah
    Shan Yu - AidanShepard
    Shang - AidanShepard

    Disneychildwithin, splashmtnman

    Adult Tarzan - Spr175psu
    Jane - caw caw rawr, SoraPandora
    Kala - caw caw rawr
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    Disney Animated Movies - 4 of 5


    The Emperor's New Groove

    caw caw rawr, Disneychildwithin, Sortlora, Spr175psu, Stewbaws

    Yzma - chubs191

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Treasure Planet

    Captain Amelia - AidanShepard
    Jim Hawkins - raikipins

    Lilo & Stitch
    AidanShepard, Ajk, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, Emma Goldband, pretty Omi, Rick195275, stitchismyspiritanimal, summerskin, theoucharis

    Angel - broadwaybookworm, DiamondDollJeanette, fuzzybunny
    Lilo - Koda Pup (Halloween costume)
    Lilo, Stitch together - fuzzybunny
    Stitch - Abyssinian28 (cute), cristywill, DiamondDollJeanette, fuzzybunny, Kerri780, KJackson1195, Koda Pup (Halloween costume, food), MommaIvy (no Lilo), OpieDoodle, pincrazy (closed mouth), PintheraSarah (holidays and years), TheMickeyMouseRules
    Stitch solo - curiousdinah, Koda Pup

    Brother Bear
    caw caw rawr, Disneychildwithin

    Kenai - Koda Pup
    Koda - Koda Pup

    Chicken Little

    Meet the Robinsons
    chubs191, stitchismyspiritanimal

    Disneychildwithin, pretty Omi

    Bolt - Spr175psu
    Mr. Carrot - timeerkat
    PTDs - timeerkat

    The Princess and the Frog

    Disneychildwithin, Mike_Mouse, slbrabham, splashmtnman

    Charlotte - caw caw rawr, Spr175psu
    Dr. Facilier - AidanShepard, mickeymousje, xdattax
    Naveen - shooting4ownhand
    Ray - caw caw rawr
    Tiana - akarih (human form), mickeymousje (ball gown), shooting4ownhand, Spr175psu, xdattax (human form)
    Tiana, Naveen together - shooting4ownhand
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    Disney Animated Movies - 5 of 5

    _coronasun, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, hannahland, krand1276, mickeymousje, pilcrow, SoraPandora, Tamatoa

    Flynn - shooting4ownhand
    Flynn, Rapunzel together - shooting4ownhand
    Rapunzel - shooting4ownhand, xdattax

    Wreck-It Ralph

    DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, ItzaPinfan

    Fix-it Felix - timeerkat
    Knowsmore - MerlinEmrys
    Sergeant Calhoun - timeerkat
    Vanellope - raikipins

    Disneychildwithin, hopemax, MommaIvy, pilcrow, Sortlora

    Anna - chubs191 (no Nordic outfit), Littleclay, minaalinsky, xdattax
    Anna solo - DawnB (non-hinged)
    Anna, Elsa together - DawnB (non-hinged)
    Anna, Olaf together - DawnB (non-hinged)
    Elsa - DawnB (non-hinged), DiamondDollJeanette, Littleclay, minaalinsky, tiffychann (movie, no shorts), xdattax
    Frozen Ever After Attraction - tiffychann
    Hans solo - AshleyV
    Olaf - Snoffsan
    Sven - Pengy

    Big Hero 6
    cadien, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, ItzaPinfan, raikipins, theoucharis

    Baymax - AidanShepard
    Fred - MerlinEmrys
    Hiro - AidanShepard
    Mochi - AidanShepard
    Wasabi - AidanShepard, khossler
    Yokai - AidanShepard

    Disneychildwithin, pretty Omi, raikipins, Romancing_Train, splashmtnman

    Clawhauser - MerlinEmrys
    Characters (no Dates or Words) - Romancing_Train
    Finnick - timeerkat (bowling shirt)
    Judy - Koda Pup, PintheraSarah, timeerkat
    Nick - Koda Pup, timeerkat

    Ajk, Disneychildwithin, khossler, MommaIvy, pilcrow, theoucharis, TheMickeyMouseRules

    Gramma Tala - Ksnuggles (manta ray)
    Hei Hei - MerlinEmrys
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    Shorts/Package Films

    All Shorts - cristywill

    Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad - cadien, Mike_Mouse
    Bongo - AshleyV
    Brave Little Tailor - Mike_ Mouse
    Burrito - caw caw rawr, ItzaPinfan
    Elmer - Ksnuggles
    Three Little Pigs (Fiddler, Fifer, Practical) - Sortlora
    Gauchito - caw caw rawr
    Headless Horseman - Randakinskywalker, splashmtnman
    Humphrey Bear - caw caw rawr (no Wilderness Lodge)
    I'm No Fool - cadien
    In the Bag - cadien
    Jacob Marley (Mickey's Christmas Carol) - MerlinEmrys
    Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet - Ksnuggles, MerlinEmrys
    Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Sortlora
    Lonesome Ghosts - Mike_ Mouse (Mickey Mouse), SkeleCountry
    Lulubelle - AshleyV
    Once Upon a Wintertime (Melody Time) - cristywill, Sortlora
    Pedro - GreyWyvern
    Peter and the Wolf - cadien
    Reluctant Dragon - GreyWyvern, MerlinEmrys
    Scrooge (Mickey's Christmas Carol) - MerlinEmrys
    Skeleton Dance - SkeleCountry
    Steamboat Willie - Mike_ Mouse, Sortlora
    Susie the Little Blue Coupe - GreyWyvern
    Three Caballeros - krand1276, Randakinskywalker, shooting4ownhand, xdattax
    Tortoise and the Hare - GreyWyvern
    Wind in the Willows/Mr. Toad - krand1276, Spr175psu, tiggeriffic
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    Sequels and shorts based on movies fall under the banner of the original movie (Toy Story 2 and Toy Story That Time Forgot would fall under Toy Story, etc.).

    All Pixar
    BATB_Abbi, Mike_Mouse (no Brave, Good Dinosaur, Planes, or Shorts)

    Toy Story
    BATB_Abbi, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, hannahland

    Buttercup - Koda Pup
    Buzz - khossler
    Forky - khossler, Koda Pup
    Little Green Men - khossler
    Mr. Pricklepants
    Rex - Koda Pup
    Toy Story 2 - Mike_ Mouse
    Trixie - Koda Pup
    Woody - khossler

    A Bug's Life

    Monsters, Inc.
    DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, Mike_ Mouse, summerskin

    Monsters University - broadwaybookworm, Mike_ Mouse

    Finding Nemo
    CCofRR13, Disneychildwithin

    Bruce - bcol
    Gerald - speedwaystar1, timeerkat
    Mr. Ray - Ksnuggles
    Otters - AshleyV

    The Incredibles
    Disneychildwithin, Jack Skellington, khossler, summerskin, theoucharis

    Edna Mode - Mike_ Mouse
    Jack Jack - Mike_ Mouse
    Violet - raikipins


    Cruz Ramirez - AshleyV
    DCA Carsland Event - Mike_ Mouse
    Holiday-themed - Mike_ Mouse

    arielsdinglehopper, carinasthingamabobs, fuzzybunny, Mike_ Mouse, Sortlora, theoucharis

    broadwaybookworm, carinasthingamabobs, Disneychildwithin, ItzaPinfan, summerskin

    EVE - Mike_ Mouse
    WALL-E - Mike_ Mouse

    caw caw rawr, Mike_ Mouse, summerskin, Tokaji

    Carl, Ellie together - Ksnuggles
    Chairs - Ksnuggles
    Dug - Kiragigi
    House - Ksnuggles

    Disneychildwithin, slbrabham, Tokaji

    Bears - summerskin
    Elinor - LittleBird
    Fergus - LittleBird

    Inside Out
    broadwaybookworm, carinasthingamabobs, Pengy, timeerkat

    Sadness - carinasthingamabobs

    The Good Dinosaur

    Disneychildwithin, ItzaPinfan, Jack Skellington, OpieDoodle, shooting4ownhand (art, no characters), SkeleCountry, Sortlora

    Hector - Tamatoa
    Pepita - Randakinskywalker



    22 - timeerkat

    Pixar Shorts (independent and pre-movie)
    caw caw rawr, Tokaji

    Lava - timeerkat
    Piper - timeerkat
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    Stop Motion Animation, Live Action, and Hybrid Live Action/Animation Movies

    These are stop-motion animated movies and movies with some element of live action - either fully live action or hybrid live action and animation.

    Sequels (such as Mary Poppins Returns) would fall under the banner of the original movie. Live action adaptations of originally animated movies or park attractions (2019 Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean) would fall under the original source material.

    Stop Motion


    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Ajk, CCofRR13, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, ItzaPinfan, Jack Skellington, SkeleCountry, Tamatoa

    Barrel - Pengy
    Jack - Romancing_Train
    Sally - _coronasun, Romancing_Train, SoraPandora
    Scary Teddy - krand1276
    Zero - Romancing_Train

    Fully Live Action

    The Chronicles of Narnia



    Follow Me Boys - krand1276
    Happiest Millionaire - krand1276
    Summer Magic - krand1276

    Hocus Pocus

    khossler, Mike_ Mouse

    The Mighty Ducks



    Song of the South
    Jack Skellington, krand1276

    Splash Mountain - splashmtnman, Spr175psu, Tamatoa

    Mary Poppins
    Addicted to Alice Pins, Disneychildwithin, khossler, Tamatoa

    Original Movie - Kiragigi
    Penguins - krand1276, Pengy

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks
    Disneychildwithin, krand1276, pretty Omi

    Pete's Dragon

    Elliott - krand1276

    The Black Hole

    cadien, Jack Skellington, pretty Omi, Sortlora

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Ajk, Jack Skellington

    Jessica Rabbit - Abyssinian28, splashmtnman
    Jessica Rabbit, Roger Rabbit together - Randakinskywalker
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    All Marvel
    Abyssinian28, cadien, cyke23, Disneychildwithin, Jabberwocky

    Hero Logos - pretty Omi
    Skottie Young (SDCC/NYCC) - Jabberwocky


    Captain America


    Dr. Strange

    Benedict Cumberbatch - MerlinEmrys
    Eye of Agamotto - MerlinEmrys

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Rocket Raccoon - pretty Omi


    The Incredible Hulk

    Iron Man

    Jabberwocky, pretty Omi

    AshleyV, summerskin
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    Star Wars

    All Star Wars
    BATB_Abbi, cadien, cyke23, DiamondDollJeanette, Disneychildwithin, ItzaPinfan, Ksnuggles, summerskin

    Disney Crossover - MerlinEmrys

    Original Trilogy (Episodes IV to VI)

    Salacious Crumb - timeerkat

    New Trilogy (Episodes VII to IX)

    Kylo Ren - AshleyV, Randakinskywalker
    Porgs - pretty Omi, xdattax
    Rey - AshleyV (The Last Jedi), TheMickeyMouseRules

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Enfys Nest - AshleyV


    Aly San San (Star Tours) - MerlinEmrys
    BB8 - Abyssinian28
    C3PO - MerlinEmrys
    Cute Droids - TheMickeyMouseRules
    R2D2 - AshleyV, MerlinEmrys

    Princess/General Leia Organa
    AshleyV (original trilogy, no characters as), TheMickeyMouseRules

    Han Solo
    AshleyV (original trilogy, no characters as)

    Millennium Falcon
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    Other Properties

    This includes other properties that Disney has acquired or partnered with, or movies under another Disney-owned company (like Touchstone).

    pretty Omi, Romancing_Train

    Brave Little Toaster
    GreyWyvern, timeerkat

    Jim Henson's Muppets

    Beaker - Tokaji
    Prof. Bunsen Honeydew - Tokaji
    A Muppet Christmas Carol - Mike_ Mouse

    Kingdom Hearts
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    TV Shows

    These are for original Disney shows - Disney Afternoon, Disney Channel, etc.

    Shows based on existing properties that are very similar to the original setting (Aladdin, Timon and Pumbaa) would fall under the original movie. Shows based on existing properties that are significantly different than their source material are listed here (for example, TaleSpin is based on The Jungle Book but is set in a completely different era and location, and the characters are changed significantly - Shere Khan is a businessman, Baloo is a pilot, etc.)

    Disney Afternoon

    All Disney Afternoon

    Adventures of the Gummi Bears
    cristywill, MerlinEmrys

    cadien, MerlinEmrys, Mike_ Mouse, poisonivory

    Dewey - krand1276
    Huey - krand1276
    Louie - krand1276
    Original Series - krand1276
    Scrooge - cristywill

    Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers
    Dizpinraider, krand1276, Mike_ Mouse, SoraPandora, timeerkat

    Gadget - pretty Omi

    Darkwing Duck
    cadien, krand1276, MerlinEmrys, Mike_ Mouse, poisonivory

    Goof Troop
    Mike_ Mouse

    Max Goof - poisonivory, raikipins

    A Goofy Movie - carinasthingamabobs, DiamondDollJeanette

    Mike_ Mouse, pretty Omi

    Disney Channel

    All Disney Channel

    Elena of Avalor

    pretty Omi

    Kim Possible

    New Mickey Shorts

    Phineas and Ferb
    bcol, krand1276

    That's So Raven

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    Miscellaneous Characters

    This is for characters that span across much of Disney or aren't from one of the official Disney Animated Movies, characters originating from theme parks, and general categories of Disney characters (Disney Cats - Mittens, Duchess, Lucifer - versus any pin with a non-specific cat).

    Mickey Mouse
    Disneychildwithin, Jack Skellington, Mike_ Mouse, shooting4ownhand, Stewbaws, tiggeriffic

    American Flag/Americana - Mike_ Mouse, Tamatoa
    Black and White - Romancing_Train (red ok)
    Mickey, Minnie together - Snoffsan (love-themed)
    Mickey solo - KJackson1195, TheMickeyMouseRules

    Fab Five

    cristywill, Disneychildwithin, Dizpinraider, Mike_ Mouse, theoucharis

    Daisy - arielsdinglehopper, poisonivory, xdattax (matching Donald)
    Daisy solo - timeerkat
    Donald - arielsdinglehopper, poisonivory, xdattax
    Goofy - AshleyV (photographer/cinematographer), curiousdinah
    Mickey and Friends - KJackson1195
    Minnie - AshleyV (with music), BATB_Abbi, Snoffsan, SoraPandora (dressed as other characters)
    Pete - Ksnuggles

    Chip and Dale
    Abyssinian28, chipdale4me, cristywill, Disneychildwithin, Dizpinraider, Kerri780, krand1276, shooting4ownhand, Snoffsan, SoraPandora, Spr175psu

    Clarice - ladyroselie

    Duffy and Friends

    All except Cookie - Abyssinian28
    Cookie - broadwaybookworm, Gelatoni, Randakinskywalker
    Duffy - poohkat53, Randakinskywalker
    Gelatoni - Gelatoni, hopemax, PintheraSarah, Randakinskywalker, Swapzism
    Shellie May - broadwaybookworm, poohkat53, Randakinskywalker
    Stella Lou - broadwaybookworm, Gelatoni

    broadwaybookworm, chubs191, Dizpinraider, fuzzybunny, GreyWyvern, hopemax, Jack Skellington, Rick195275

    Dreamfinder - GreyWyvern

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
    Randakinskywalker, Sortlora, Tamatoa, tiggeriffic

    Ortensia - tiggeriffic

    Disney Cats
    CCofRR13, Disneychildwithin, fuzzybunny, krand1276, megw717, pincrazy, Randakinskywalker, Spr175psu, tiggeriffic

    Villain Cats - Kiragigi

    Disney Dogs
    Disneychildwithin, fuzzybunny, ItzaPinfan, megw717, pilcrow, pincrazy, Randakinskywalker

    Disney Dragons

    Disney Ducks
    poisonivory, Randakinskywalker

    Disney Foxes
    Disneychildwithin, pretty Omi

    Disney Horses
    Kerri780, krand1276

    Abyssinian28, chubs191, ItzaPinfan, pilcrow, shooting4ownhand

    a4matte, Ajk, Disneychildwithin, Dizpinraider, figment919, krand1276, splashmtnman, Swapzism, Tamatoa

    Cute/Cutie Style - TheMickeyMouseRules
    Sets - AidanShepard

    Characters in Costumes
    curiousdinah, Disneychildwithin, krand1276, TheMickeyMouseRules

    Cute/Different Costumes - Spr175psu
    Historical Figures - Spr175psu
    Minnie Dressed as Other Characters - Snoffsan, SoraPandora
    Stitch Dressed as Other Characters - CCofRR13

    Tsum Tsums
    Gelatoni, Romancing_Train (no Star Wars)
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    Resorts, Theme Parks, and Attractions

    Each resort listing includes all theme parks generally considered part of that resort (Disneyland Resort includes Disneyland and California Adventure).

    Each attraction listing is for the general attraction/show/etc. across all parks, even though they may have slight differences from park to park. If something has a significant difference (Haunted Mansion versus Phantom Manor), both will be listed. If an attraction is based mainly on a movie (Dumbo's Flying Elephants, Mad Tea Party), the listing would fall under the original source material.

    Resorts and Theme Parks


    Disney Hotels

    Disney Vacation Club

    All Parks

    Disneyland Resort

    hopemax, Mike_ Mouse, splashmtnman, tiggeriffic

    50th Anniversary - cyke23, Mike_ Mouse
    60th Anniversary - cyke23, Gelatoni
    Adventureland - Mike_ Mouse
    Attractions - Ajk (series), Dizpinraider (with Disney characters), Littleclay, Mike_Mouse (OE with Mickey Mouse)
    Carsland - Mike_ Mouse
    Esmeralda (Penny Arcade) - akarih
    Fastpass - AshleyV
    Main Street, U.S.A - AshleyV
    New Orleans Square - Mike_ Mouse
    Park Events/Holidays - Mike_ Mouse

    Disneyland Paris Resort

    2018 Dated - cyke23
    25th Anniversary - cyke23
    Cast Refresh/Lanyard Refresh - Stewbaws, timeerkat

    Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
    hopemax, krand1276

    Shanghai Disney Resort

    Tokyo Disney Resort
    hopemax, krand1276

    Attractions - Dizpinraider (with Disney characters)
    Chandu - Romancing_Train
    Game Prize - Abyssinian28, hopemax
    Miscellaneous Japanese - hopemax

    Walt Disney World Resort
    shooting4ownhand, splashmtnman

    Animal Kingdom - fantasmic24
    Attractions - Ajk (series), Dizpinraider (with Disney characters)
    Electrical Water Pageant - GreyWyvern
    EPCOT - chubs191
    Fantasyland - carinasthingamabobs
    Food Rocks - chubs191
    Hollywood Studios - broadwaybookworm
    Kitchen Kabaret - chubs191, Ksnuggles
    Main Street - carinasthingamabobs
    Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - splashmtnman
    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - splashmtnman
    Resort Holiday - hopemax
    Restaurants - carinasthingamabobs (Casey's, Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, Tony's)
    Tomorrowland - carinasthingamabobs
    Voyage of the Little Mermaid - carinasthingamabobs
    Wilderness Explorers - carinasthingamabobs
    Wishes Fireworks Show - carinasthingamabobs


    All Attractions

    hopemax, Mike_ Mouse (Mickey Mouse), Randakinskywalker

    Carousels - chubs191
    Castles - chubs191
    Extinct Attractions - carinasthingamabobs, Randakinskywalker
    Fastpasses - carinasthingamabobs
    Tickets - carinasthingamabobs

    Characters on Attractions

    Space Mountain - Swapzism
    Splash Mountain - Swapzism
    Thunder Mountain - Swapzism

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    Carousel of Progress
    carinasthingamabobs, chubs191

    The Country Bear Jamboree
    carinasthingamabobs, Ksnuggles (no movie)

    The Enchanted Tiki Room
    akarih, krand1276, Ksnuggles, pilcrow, Randakinskywalker, SoraPandora, stitchismyspiritanimal

    Michael - timeerkat

    AshleyV, fantasmic24, krand1276 (with Mickey or Maleficent Dragon), Mike_ Mouse


    Festival of the Lion King

    Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln/The Hall of Presidents
    Ksnuggles (no Disney characters)

    Haunted Mansion
    chubs191, cyke23, Dizpinraider, fuzzybunny, krand1276, Rick195275, shooting4ownhand, SkeleCountry, SoraPandora, Tamatoa, xdattax

    Character Invasion - Mike_ Mouse (Fab Five)
    Dueling Ghosts - SkeleCountry
    Fab Five - caw caw rawr
    Halloween - SkeleCountry
    Hatbox Ghost - caw caw rawr, Mike_ Mouse, SkeleCountry
    Hitchhiking Ghosts - caw caw rawr, SkeleCountry
    Madame Leota - akarih
    Stretching Portraits - caw caw rawr


    it's a small world
    arielsdinglehopper, cadien, carinasthingamabobs, ItzaPinfan, Kiragigi, SoraPandora, stitchismyspiritanimal

    1964 World's Fair - bcol
    Animals - Randakinskywalker
    Clock Face - Pengy
    Cowboy - cyke23
    Facade - Randakinskywalker
    Tower of the Four Winds - bcol

    Jungle Cruise
    MerlinEmrys, Mike_ Mouse

    Jingle Cruise - MerlinEmrys

    Main Street Electrical Parade
    AshleyV, krand1276, Mike_ Mouse, Pengy, stitchismyspiritanimal

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    Matterhorn Bobsleds
    Mike_ Mouse

    carinasthingamabobs, swscref

    Peter Pan's Flight

    Phantom Manor

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Character Invasion - Mike_ Mouse (Fab Five)
    Jail Scene - Mike_ Mouse, pincrazy
    Marc Davis Concept Art - Mike_ Mouse
    Redhead - cyke23, Mike_ Mouse (classic)

    Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

    Sleeping Beauty Castle


    Space Mountain

    Spaceship Earth

    Spectromagic Parade

    Splash Mountain
    Mike_ Mouse

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
    Abyssinian28 (no characters), Dizpinraider, Mike_ Mouse
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    Non-Character Animals and Creatures

    Real Animals

    Butterflies - chubs191
    Chickens - khossler
    Dogs - Koda Pup
    Foxes - Koda Pup
    Penguins - curiousdinah
    Pet Cats - Koda Pup
    Stegosaurus - timeerkat
    Wild Cats - Koda Pup
    Wolves - Koda Pup

    Fantasy Creatures

    Mermaids - ItzaPinfan
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    People and Professions



    Twins - Snoffsan
    Walt Disney - Ksnuggles (picture), Mike_ Mouse (photos), Randakinskywalker, shooting4ownhand, Tamatoa


    Construction - bcol
    Psychology - carinasthingamabobs
    Train Conductor/Engineer - CCofRR13
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    Sports/Games and Hobbies/Pastimes

    Sports and Games

    Mariners Baseball - AshleyV
    Playing Card Aces - timeerkat
    Soccer (Non-American Football) - bcol


    Baking - Ksnuggles
    Bookworm/Reading/Writing - MerlinEmrys, SoraPandora
    Cake Decorating - Ksnuggles
    Pin Trading - carinasthingamabobs
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    Transportation, Geography, and Horticulture


    Trains/Railroads/Train Stations - CCofRR13


    France - shooting4ownhand
    Italy - carinasthingamabobs
    Japan - chubs191, Kiragigi
    Mexico - ItzaPinfan, shooting4ownhand
    Russia - ItzaPinfan

    Oceans - summerskin


    Topiaries - Tokaji
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    History/Culture/Fine Arts and Food

    History/Culture/Fine Arts

    Animation - raikipins
    Asian Culture/Festivals - krand1276, MerlinEmrys
    Colonial America/American Revolution/Americana - shooting4ownhand
    Music - carinasthingamabobs
    Pin-Tiquities - MerlinEmrys
    STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math) - chubs191


    Disney Foods - Kiragigi, Randakinskywalker
    Poison Apples - Romancing_Train
    Snacks - Rick195275
    Waffles - timeerkat
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    Zodiac and Birthstones


    Western Zodiac

    Capricorn - timeerkat
    Aquarius - timeerkat
    Gemini - pretty Omi, Romancing_Train (no Star Wars)

    Chinese Zodiac

    Year of the Snake - Romancing_Train

    Birthstones/Birth Months

    May (Emerald) - pretty Omi, SoraPandora
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    Pin Elements, Series, and Releases

    Pin Elements

    Black and White - curiousdinah
    Glitter - Kerri780, TheMickeyMouseRules
    Simple/Plain - carinasthingamabobs
    Tiny Pins - carinasthingamabobs
    Vintage Pins - carinasthingamabobs

    Pin Series and Releases

    Artist Proof (AP)/Preproduction Proof (PP) - Gelatoni (tsum tsum)
    Artist Choice - Ajk
    Cast Lanyard Refresh (Disneyland Paris) - khossler, timeerkat
    Contained/Limited Sets - MommaIvy
    Countdown to the Millennium - fantasmic24
    DSF/DSSH Surprise Releases - pincrazy
    Featured Artist - splashmtnman
    Hidden Mickey - Ajk, Rick195275
    Hong Kong Disneyland releases - Randakinskywalker
    Marquees - Littleclay
    MyCat series (DLP) - Kerri780
    Mystery Pack - ItzaPinfan, krand1276
    Mystery Set Chaser - Ajk
    Piece of Disney History (PODH) - carinasthingamabobs, Gelatoni (Disneyland)
    Piece of Disney Movie (PODM) - Ajk, krand1276, Snoffsan, theoucharis
    Pin Sets - cristywill
    Pin Trader Delight (PTD) - Ajk
    WDI Trash Cans - swscref
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    All Holidays
    Dizpinraider (no year), krand1276


    New Year's Day/New Year's Eve

    Valentines Day

    Mardi Gras
    slbrabham (no dates)

    Mother's Day
    Kiragigi (Paris)

    Labor Day

    USA Independence Day (4th of July)


    cristywill, ItzaPinfan, SkeleCountry, SoraPandora, splashmtnman, swscref

    Chip and Dale - SkeleCountry
    Fab 5 - SkeleCountry
    Minnie - Tamatoa
    Obscure Characters - SkeleCountry (Witch Hazel, Headless Horseman)
    Skeletons - SkeleCountry

    Day of the Dead


    ItzaPinfan, Snoffsan, splashmtnman

    Gingerbread - krand1276
    Navidad - ItzaPinfan
    Winter Holiday - ItzaPinfan
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    just in case 1
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    just in case 2
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