Identification of pins?


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What's the best way to figure out what pins I have? I'm new to this and overwhelmed with the numbers of pins there are and the number of pins I have. Is there an app or something?


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Do you have a pinpics or pintradingdb account? Those are sites can help. Be as specific as possible when entering the description of the pin.

I remember buying a collection last year and it took a weekend for me to look up most of the pins(there were over 300).


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Are you collecting pins or just trying to sell someones collection?

For example if you are collecting, then you will want to add each pin to your collection on a pin database site. And that involves id-ing each pin and adding it, in this case you may want to post a photo(s) of groups of your pins and let others chime in with the pin numbers which you can use to add it to your collection on the site of your choice.

If selling a collection it will depend on if it is worth the time to you to get numbers for each of the pins or if you just want to know this group low value, med, rare etc.


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Pinpics in particular is good to find their number for the pin, which will find tracking it down on ebay and seeing what they have been selling for easier. As others mentioned in another thread, that's going to be one of your best ways to find value, but it does take time for sure. The nice part is you do not need to have an account on pinpics to use their search.


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This is a great forum to ask for help in. Post pictures of the pins here and we can help at least pointing out the ones that stand out in higher values so you dont get scammed into selling very valuble pins for cheap.