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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Abyssinian28, Apr 17, 2019.

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    Just got back late yesterday! It will take me a little while to get my legs underneath me. Some quick things:

    1.) The WDW PTN is sold out??? Since when did we get popular enough to sell out a PTN? I guess I won't be able to bring my brand new Paris pins to trade....

    2.) Paris traders are super nice. I had so much fun, guys! Special shout out to Stewart (correct spelling?) and Richard. Stew and I did a 30 pin trade that was epic.

    3.) I did get to see Notre Dame before the fire. We were in it about 2 weeks before it happened (we were in London when we heard). I'm so glad we got to see, photograph, and video it before the damage. My husband claims it as the highlight of the trip for him. Still, sorry it happened at all, but glad it wasn't worse.

    The trip was full of highs and lows, but overall, I super enjoyed it. I think, in general, I can sum it up as...all the sights and places we went were awesome, but all stuff in between was hell (transportation issues, less than stellar hotels, etc).
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    Welcome back! I'm glad that the destinations on your trip were enjoyable but I am sorry that you had issues with the transfers and hotels along the way. It was very sad to hear about Notre Dame, but it seems they saved a lot of what was really important and they will rebuild. I'm very happy you got to see it and have that experience before the fire happened. I've always wanted to get to DLP and you make it sound very fun from the little bit you've told us about the traders there. It's good that you enjoyed your trip even with the issues you had.
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    Hey Nicole, the DLR Event is sold out NOT WDW!!! Bring your Paris Pins, Please. Get any Cinderella pins???? Hint Hint :tigger:
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    Bless you, woman. My brain has gone completely. I guess since I googled "WDW", I thought it would send me to the right one. All registered now!

    And I think you'll be happy :)
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