Lotso Disney Land Resort Shanghai


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Thoughts on this pin?
It actually looks legit, but I'm always suspicious of the ones out of Shanghai that I find in Florida.

Traded it today from a board at Hollywood Studios.

Bottom left has slight border issue...



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We found Woody from that set at WDW 2-3 years ago. Back also has some edge print issues like yours but the rest of the pin looks good. I think it’s prob legit (having also gotten new releases in the past year straight from the parks that have also had backstamp issues - like the villain butterflies).

Edit: just saw @stratasfan mention she has both fake and real…. Maybe she can voice an opinion here
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Hi! I do have a real and a fake/scrapper/whatever it is. I'll get them out today and have Sis take nice pics and I'll post here with some comments!