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Apologies if this has been posted somewhere, I did a search and couldn't find anything talking more about Loungefly. Now that DSSH is doing pin trader delights again my interest in pins has come back. I've seen loungefly listed a few times on this forum and see some interesting ones either directly from their site or from Boxlunch (don't know this place either?!). Curious if anyone has any friendly points of view or what not to share.

They have a few Monsters, Inc. pins that I might have to add to my collection depending upon what I learn.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


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Will start by saying there are some loungefly pins I really love. I thought the Funko Pop! Villain blind boxes were one of their best mystery sets ever (from any source). Most of LF's OE pins are nice enough. It depends on what you like and what in your collection. Seems like they have made some improvements in their quality.

I also like the limited edition pins they have released in the roughly past 2 years. Some are very different (...some are not). I really like the ones with a different take on the themes I collect. I also like that they are attainable.

You can also find loungefly pins (open and LE) on the It's Kraken Trade web site and Modern Pin Up web site.

I hope they continue releasing their LE pins.


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Loungefly is owned by Funko. They make licensed products (not just Disney), some of which they sell directly and some of which they sell through mall stores like Hot Topic & Box Lunch or the online sites for those stores. They also sometimes pair with other sellers as @TheMickeyMouseRules noted above.

They've been selling their jumbos directly and sometimes mystery sets but the majority seem to go through the stores and other sellers.

While the jumbos are quite nice, most of the rest of their pins are not filled enamel (like park pins, etc.) - they are soft enamel (so they seem indented or not fully painted in or are a thin metal with clear coating on top.

I like the size and creativity of many of them, but not the quality of the non-jumbo pins (I prefer fully filled pins like park pins not the thinner, lighter pins they make).


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Personally, I love Loungefly pins. Can't speak for the jumbos, but we have a fair amount of the normal mystery and OE pins. They are different, definitely cool colours and give a really nice look on your board with the Disney pins. The difference of the soft enamel is different, but I like the difference! Also, they often have really cool and different pin designs and they use glitter inside the enamel sometimes, which I like. Sometimes they release boring art sets, but oftentimes, they release really nice and unique designs and they are very affordable, too!


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The big ones in boxes seem really nice so far form what I have seen. Ex like this


The "mystery box" ones seem very nice as well from what I have purchased. ex the backpacks below


The small individual ones like what they sell in the mall for $6-$10 seem very low quality, I like the designs but they always seem like they are not up to disney pin standards. I like some of the art but never buy them because that... see pooh below.

The Funko Pop pins seem ridiculously high quality from what I have seen (I'm not a fan of the style tho).


The loungefly bags/purses/backpacks are VERY nice. I think that is what they are most known for.


I look on these sites for loungefly pins: