Loungefly ruined my collection

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    So I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. There was a time when I loved my Emperor’s New Groove collection. I loved looking at my board. I loved searching for the 3, yes only 3, that I’m missing to be complete. I got excited when a new pin would come out and struggle to find a place for it on my board.

    Now, I honestly dread the prospect of a new ENG pin coming out. Loungefly, seemingly on a weekly basis, has been churning out pin after pin of sub-par, average, soft enamel, llama potion pins that I feel obligated to purchase because I’m trying to be complete and am so close. But I feel it’s a waste of money because I dislike the majority of the ones that have come out recently.

    They’re poorly made and designed and it has really devalued my collection to the point that I don’t take as much pride in looking at my board anymore. I have even contemplated limiting my collection only to a subset of ENG, like Yzma as a cat.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, there have been some Loungefly releases that I’ve genuinely liked, such as Kronk and Yzma on the rollercoaster, angel and devil Kronk, and most recently, the one that I ordered today from hot topic, Kronk and Yzma playing patty cake.

    Still, I suspect even that will be a poorly made, soft enamel pin that I’ll find fault in on that level, especially when compared with the WDI pins that will be adjacent to it.

    And that really brings me to the subject line of this thread, that Loungefly has basically ruined my collection. Does anyone else agree? Am I overreacting? Should I redefine my collection so that I’m not compelled to acquire any and all ENG pins that are released despite the desire to be ENG complete one day?

    I’m hoping that others feel the same about Loungefly or at least help me see that their licensure of Disney pins has been a good thing, though even their recent LE pins I haven’t been too impressed with. The “sliders” don’t really slide well and I have to fight with their scene changing pins to actually change the scene because again, it isn’t up to the same quality level as Disney releases.

    Maybe I should sleep on it and see how their new lenticular and patty cake pins turn out before deciding but it’s really a shame that a license can change the scope of a collection. Luckily, I haven’t had that problem with Mr. Toad pins and every single one of them that gets released still makes me squeal with delight and excitement. Stay away from Toad, Loungefly!

    Rant over.
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    Maybe you shouldn't look at it as devalue so much as de-enrich. You can still love your non Loungefly ENG pins, and hold your nose when you see the others, or throw them in a box in the back of a dark closet, lol.

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    Maybe you want to refine your collection to exclude Loungefly pins?

    I used to try to collect everything that fit into my favorites, but after I’d been collecting for a while, pins were overtaking my environment, and I had to make a change. Once I realized there were some pin elements I’m simply not a fan of, I just stopped even trying for them.

    (For example, I collect Halloween and Hanukkah pins, but I don’t particularly like the dated ones. I collect Figaro, but not when he’s with Pinocchio or Gepetto. If a pin has writing, or rubber, or dangles, or spinners, or if it’s soft enamel, I’m not interested.)

    I do make exceptions for special pins, but knowing what I DON’T want is a huge help as a collector. This way, I look at my collection and just see stuff I love. And I save a lot of money not buying so-so pins, too. :)

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    Well, I can say I kind of agree. I don't add any pins to my collection that aren't "direct from Disney" pins. A part is assurance of quality, but a big part of that is because I collect so many different subjects of Disney pins that if I go beyond "direct from Disney", I'll be spending even more money. Plus, it's a good place for me to draw a line. What about fantasy pins? Do those get counted toward being a completist? Pins from other locations (Walmart, etc)?

    As always, you'll make that decision on your own, but my two cents go to saying that there's nothing wrong with being a completist of only _______ (direct from Disney, Disney and Loungefly, Disney and Acme, fantasy, etc).

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    I hear you. I collect ENG, focusing on and almost complete on Kronk. I really don't love the loungefly pins, even the ones with designs I like. The quality just is cringy next to my other ones. This goes for my Up collection too. So, I decided that, for me, the loungefly pins don't count toward completion. If I like them I'll buy them but I don't stress about owning them. Being complete is great, but ultimately your collection should make you happy. Do what makes you happy!

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    Like others here, I feel it's important to decide what kind of collection you want for each subject matter. I have 2 collections that I try to be a completist with, so I'll get whatever is officially produced...yes, even ugly pins...because I am almost complete and they don't make too many new ones anyway. With all of my other collections I only get the pins I like. I could never be a completist on my Peter Pan pin collection and have no interest in that anyway. I only get a new Peter Pan pin if it's something I like and readily available. I love some of the Loungefly pins. They often have original designs without re-using the same art over and over. For my small Cat pin collection it's very difficult to add Aristocats pins of characters other than Marie but Loungefly has made some that feature Toulouse and Berlioz and I'm thrilled to add them to the collection. I like the variety that the Loungefly pins add to the collections. Frankly, some of the higher end pins may be bigger and better made, but some of the art on them is hideous.

    I don't bother with fantasy pins. I don't consider them "real" or official. Some are really nicely done but they're really just copyright infringements.

    Also, side note: I have a small Toad collection and I'd be thrilled the get a Loungefly Toad pin! I won't wish for it, though, because I know it would not make you happy. .......but what if it was an awesome one?? :eek::tigger:
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    You can always make your collection more specific to exclude Loungefly. I decided a while back that I would no longer collect pins from Shanghai. So going forward, I'd be looking for Gelatoni, Olu and CookieAnn pins from Hong Kong and Aulani but not Shanghai.
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    I don't feel like being nice*. So blunt it is.

    Check your privilege. Ruin your collection?

    How terrible it must be to have complete or near complete collections, at undoubtedly huge cost and then feel the need to not only simply "not like" a selection of pins that are accessible not only in cost, location, and length of availability, but to complain that they are ruining your collection and look for validation by other people. You *HOPE* people feel the same way? People eliminate or de-emphasize pins from their collections all the time, but people can do it without the trash talk and inviting a dog pile. Just in case it's not clear, it's okay not to like something; my response isn't about not liking something.

    The amount of looking down on others in this hobby has been a long time issue. I've seen in now for 20 years. Like it or not, people slice and dice the community by the type of pins their trade book, peacock lanyards and home displays contain. Every time a pin is more accessible to people, there is someone to trash it. Too small. Too cheap. Dates. Words. "It was such a nice pin, why did they have to ruin it by making the edition size so big?" And the most vocal voices seem to be the ones that seem to have little problem obtaining anything they desire. I guess it's not enough to have the ability to obtain the Top-shelf stuff, if the existence of the store brand / generic level can completely ruin an entire collection and collecting experience. You know that scene in Lilo & Stitch where the other girls make fun of Scrump and then Lilo throws her down with tears in her eyes. You think it feels good to be Lilo in that situation? People don't need to have it so pointedly called out, how unworthy their stuff is, you can see it on other people's faces as they dismiss you and your pins. Which comes up every time people start talking about their experiences in trading in the shark tanks. That's why it's so hard for people to tell another collector about their fakes. Or when people rediscover their childhood collection and ask what it's worth. You know it hurts like hell to find out that your stuff doesn't measure up, and people don't want to be in the position of inflicting the hurt. For all the advice people could give to incrementally improve their collection, misses the point, it can't erase the sting of hearing/reading something like this. In a perfect world, maybe people don't transfer disdain from things to the people who own those things, but we don't live in that world.

    Loungefly opened a lot of doors to non-park locals, non-spendy pin collectors. Loungefly's successes not only lead to other retail licenses (how many places do random Disney pins show up now), I am convinced that it reignited Disney's own value in producing non-park pins and that's the whole reason why we even have pins in the Disney Stores again. How dare they do so at the cost of ruining the collections of others with their inferiority.

    Don't buy the Loungfly pins. Buy them and stick them in a binder or tote so you can still be complete but they're not in a place they might be, gasp, seen. Liquidate that particular collection rather than have to have to do either of those. I'm sure others would be able to find the joy you have lost in your WDI pins, because they are next to the unworthy. Whatever.

    * I was going to use the asterisk to say something about my reputation here, or about even posting it in general, but in 2020 I guess I'm tired of people being dramatic about their rants in a way, that can make others feel less than a "real collector," that I don't really care about my reputation. I had DH read this post, and he reminded me of the scene from Firefly when Kaylee is wearing her fancy dress and another girl, had to point out that her dress was store bought, and she should see about her girl. He also used the term gate-keeping, which I guess I'm not that much of a geek, surprisingly, to have known. But I can see it. "Loungefly doesn't belong. Everyone sees that, right?"
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    I'm just...going to sidestep all of that....

    I think I get where you're coming from. ENG is such a small pin category that, before, it was possible to be a completionist, but still a bit of a quest, because some of the pins were hard to get. It might take years to acquire some of those pins! So it was like a mini-accomplishment every time you got them.

    I bet , originally, it was pretty exciting when Loungefly decided to release a bunch of ENG stuff. But you're right- the vast majority of Loungefly Disney pins *don't* compare to Disney's. Even Disney Parks pins, not to mention something as nice as DA or WDI. And, you know, I like Loungefly- I'm just very realistic with their quality. To me, the bows are some of the best pins they've ever made...but even those, I have to wonder what they'll look like in 10 years- will they be yellow?

    What I was going to post was something that was mentioned above- if the desire to remain a completionist is strong, but you don't like how they look next to your nicer pins, then go ahead and buy them, and set them aside in a binder. One day, maybe you won't feel the completionist tug so strong, and you'll have a ready-made Loungefly ENG collection you can sell (probably for a profit, to boot). Problem solved! No reason to let the pins ruin your fun!
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    So much to unpack here. I get the frustration. No matter if you’re trying to be a completist or if you’re just a casual pin lover, LoungeFly has been hit or miss with the quality of its pins. This can stem from me not being a huge fan of soft-enamel pins. But hey, I was just griping about the new Artland pin and the use of screen-printing. Not my cup of tea but everyone has preferences and it doesn’t mean my opinion is end all.

    With that being said I would love to see LoungeFly continue to make pins, but move away from using soft-enamel... often times this turns out looking cheap. Same can be said for the Bradford Exchange pins, which are more expensive but still lack the execution IMO. Killer designs that make you want to add them to your collection, but the soft-enamel just ruins the design and sharpness of the pin.

    Like others have said, I think you should either 1) make a separate ENG LoungeFly board for all the pins that fall below your expectations. That way they don’t bother you as much, and they are in good company 2) determine that LF are not necessary to be a completist. Buy them if it still bothers you but put them in a shoebox in case you ever change your mind. Still technically a completist but not ruining the aesthetic or 3) Use the LoungeFly pins to do a really cool display where you use the pins to create an image. That way they are there but you can’t really make them out because they are creating a cooler display piece.

    I think at the end of the day, just find your happiness with your collection. Was this thread necessary? Nope. Was it a rant that you needed to get off of your chest. Yep. I just ranted about dated pins recently, not to offend anyone or to belittle anyone’s collection, but to hear other people’s opinions and to get a feel for their reasoning. From that thread I understand why dated pins are important to some collectors and I have a better respect for them now.

    It’s hard sometimes because we see things in a singular way. How does this pin fit into my collection? And as others put it so eloquently in my dated pins thread, sometimes it’s not just about us. Sometimes Disney/LF is catering to a different crowd and we just have to make peace with that.

    LoungeFly pins are affordable, most of the time accessible, they don’t normally have inflated prices or competitive demand, and they have tons of different designs. If I was starting out in this hobby, LoungeFly would be my go to! Reminds me that pins could be and should be fun, easy, and accessible.

    At the end of the day, do what makes you happy :)
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    I absolutely LOVE Loungefly pins! I think they make a lot of cool designs and I relaly like the look of the pins with with apoxy-type coating. They do cool colours and really different designs from Disney a lot of times. They are also affordable, too! And you can order into a store, so that you don't have to pay shipping.

    Of course, ultimately, it is up to you and your own personal decision, but if I were in your shoes - I would totally not go for complete. There won't be "value" in a collection. No matter what you pour into it, it will only be worth what someone down the line will give you for it. With collectibles, that is a limited market and probably by the time you are ready to make a profit, the hobby will be dead. We've been into collectibles forever and it always goes like this. Have fun with it and spend what you want to make yourself happy.

    If you don't like Loungefly pins, to the point of practically hating your board--- ditch the Loungefly pins you've bought (trade them for something else or send some zaps) and get your board back to what makes you happy to look at and to have! "Completist" is only good when it makes you happy. No point in funneling funds, time, energy to just give yourself negative vibes whenever you look or think about it!

    Loungefly provides a wonderful service to people who can't afford the outrageous prices of most pins. While the quality is amazing, WDI pins and DSSH and PTD and all those other "nice" pins are really unattainable to the majority of pin traders. So, make your board nice for you. Forget about a simple word and enjoy your pins. Post some more gifs! :) Have fun!

    Personally, one of my alltime favorite sets I have is Loungefly . . . the Princess Bows. I don't even really collect princess stuff, and don't typically go after sets. However, that set is one of the last ones I'd get rid of in a crunch!
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    I feel your pain. Only you can decide what is right for your collection. The good thing about the Loungefly pins is at least they are cheap, I mean inexpensive, or do I? I myself, am almost a Mulan completist so I feel I must have them in spite of a few mediocre pins. The one thing I have going for me is at least not many Mulan have come out in the past two years :rolleyes: or maybe not! I do have a suggestion of what to do with them. Make it a fun thing and maybe a "Frame of Shame" where you can put the ones that are not up to expectations separately but together. You will still be a completist and you can now say " Oh good, another crappy pin for my FoS!"
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    I was hesitant to start Loungefly pins due to the soft enamel. The only ones I have so far are the ones gifted to me by @bcol (Mulan related of course), but @timeerkat told me that the blind box pins are hard enamel, so I'll be getting a few of those...
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    Just remember there is no "Completist Police" and that you can define your collection however you like. I personally haven't had a problem with Loungefly pins, but they tend to not make the standard BoxLunch/Hot Topic rack pins in anything I collect (outside of Lion King and the odd Robin Hood one), so the ones I get tend to get are the better quality boxed sets and jumbos.

    I wanted to be a waffle completist, but then they went and added CookieAnn who specializes in waffles and put waffles on a lot of her pins, including a few crazy rare/expensive ones, and also put out a Hidden Mickey pin set that they called waffles but look just like sepia character faces. So now my waffle completist collection is "completist except for CookieAnn and pins that you can't tell are waffles just by looking at them."

    We also have to keep in mind that there are people who may want to buy a pin or two that are not pin traders. They go to a BoxLunch, see a pin on the wall, remember how much they like the movie, and get it for a bit of flair on their bag or whatever. They don't need it to be fancy, and have no idea about hard versus soft enamel (or since it will just get banged around on their bag, don't care). Loungefly's, BoxLunch's, etc. job is to appeal to as many different types of people as they can to sell the most amount of product. So while it may not appeal to the hardcore pin traders, if they continue to sell they are obviously appealing to enough people to make it worth it.
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    Thanks, everybody, I really appreciate all of the responses. What @Abyssinian28 said hit especially close to home. I live in VA and although I am a current Disneyland AP and used to be a Disney World AP for the longest time, I don't get to go to the parks as often as I would like. I don't have easy access to DSSH or WDI and always have to pay secondary market prices for pins that I like or need for my collections.

    One of my greatest thrills when visiting the parks is when I am actually there for a release for a pin in my collection. For a fleeting moment, I could have the joy of not having to pay secondary market prices, not be dependent on another for a pickup, not beg someone to trade with me, not have to pay for shipping, etc. And what's more, I could use my AP for the discount! The only thing I have to worry about is getting it home safely without the card being damaged.

    When Loungefly first started releasing ENG and Hercules pins via Box Lunch or Hot Topic, I was really excited. There is a Hot Topic about 15 minutes from me and a Box Lunch about an hour away. I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to do my own pickup! But that was quickly ruined when I would have to comb through sometimes 10 iterations of the same pin just to find the diamond in the rough, the one that had the fewest quality control issues. And that was besides the point of it being poorly made with soft enamel and having a dent in it (but it was the best one of the bunch!).

    I understand that Loungefly pins are more accessible and, as I've mentioned, I do like some of their designs. It really is about quality for me. To @hopemax's point, I'm not sure I was looking down on anyone for liking Loungefly pins. And I hope that that didn't come through my post. I'll blame posting after my bedtime if it wasn't taken that way. We are all entitled to like and collect whatever we want without fear of reprisal or having to defend our choices. I feel very strongly about that. Our collections are our own and whatever the reason to choose to collect anything, are solely our reasons and don't need third party validation. It was certainly not my intention to suggest anything else. I was merely trying to convey that there are several pins on my board, mostly Loungefly, that I have felt compelled to acquire to achieve completist status and not because I actually like them. The validation that I was seeking wasn't to invite a "dog pile", to create a hate group designed at chastising Loungefly, it was more geared towards hoping that I wasn't insane for feeling that way, that the influx, the level of saturation of Loungefly pins into the market has overtaken my ENG collection. And yes, albeit through the use of hyperbole to prove my point, to some extent, Loungefly has caused me to rethink my collection and what my motivations and aspirations are vis-à-vis Emperor's New Groove.

    But ultimately, and has already been stated, I joined this hobby because it gives me pleasure, because I enjoy collecting, I enjoy trading, I enjoy commemorating things about Disney that have a special place in my heart, that emit a feeling, an emotion, maybe a memory that I have of and with my daughter or wife. Like when my then-four year old daughter who was at Disneyland for the very first time let me drive the Mr. Toad ride vehicle because she knew how much I loved the ride. I let her drive the next time, and the next time, and the next time. Now, we switch off...

    Whether it's a movie, a ride, or a character (in Mr. Toad's case, all three) that allows me to remember why I love Disney, why I love sharing that love with my family and friends, and why I can look at any specific pin and remember why I wanted that pin in the first place and how difficult it was, in some cases, to obtain it. If the Loungefly pins don't create that special connection, then it isn't "board-worthy" as my daughter likes to call some of her Ariel pins. But maybe I'm mistaken, maybe it's just a cheap piece of metal to which we shouldn't attach any feeling. Buy for the sake of having.

    I do like @bcol's idea of having a Frame of Shame (sorry, but I'm stealing that term). I can also put all of the Mr. Toad pins that I don't like on it and my daughter's Ariel pins that she doesn't like. And I agree, in the quest of being complete, I shouldn't feel compelled to purchase any pin if it is done simply as a necessity and not as something that I actually want. That isn't what drew me to this hobby.

    Thanks again, everyone, for the thoughtful responses. I think I have a sense as to what I should do. As I mentioned in my initial post, there are several Loungefly pins that will remain on my board since I do like the design but I also like the concept of having flexibility to review ALL of my pins, Loungefly or otherwise, ENG or Toad, and determine whether they should be relegated to this secondary board. Who knows, maybe a WDI may not make the cut. To be clear, though, I will be acquiring every single Mr. Toad pin that comes out, it just may end up on the Frame of Shame.
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    As a fellow completist in my own theme, I feel your pain. It sucks when you're close to complete and then a ton of new stuff is released that you have to chase down. It also sucks when you don't love what you're chasing. In my case, I personally hate Acme pins. I hate having them in my collection and frequently consider if I want to be a completist for 'everything except Acme'. There's a host of reasons why, but ultimately it doesn't matter. There are pins Disney has directly made that are... questionable. lol But ultimately it's a commitment choice - are you doing 'all' or are you doing 'ones I like'? And those are two different kinds of collections.

    For Marvel I do 'all I like' and I still consider paring down what I have and focusing on specific things to be completist with for Marvel instead. It's a struggle because my nature is completist. I don't know how to 'edit' a collection.

    For Wonderland, I'm a completist, so whether I like the pin or not, I need it. lol Including pins I like less than others. And that's my decision. After more than 20 years of collecting them, I ain't stopping or limiting that collection now. lol

    But it's still annoying when I am down to my three older missing pins still needed and then Loungefly or Acme or anyone else suddenly releases 10 or 20 or 30 more in a matter of weeks that I need.
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    Mostly parroting what's already been said but:

    In making the choice to be completest in one's collections, if you're going to claim to have EVERYTHING, then yep, you gotta own everything, even the pins you don't like. This is why I'm only trying to be complete in a couple collections, which started out mostly unintentional, like Robin Hood, but it came about more like "Well there's only 14 more pins out there, so maybe I'll go for it". But I have my own limits, like I won't pay or trade a lot for ones I don't even like, so at least I always like that Loungefly pins are cheap :p But for most of my collections, if I tried to be complete, I'd own a lot of pins I wouldn't want, so I'm limited to just a few being on that track. (Lost Boys, Bolt, Robin Hood, and Bedknobs and Broomsticks for anyone curious)

    I agree that people should be able to define their own limits of complete, and there's no policing from whoever to say you're not. Like for me I own all the Bedknobs and Broomsticks pins out there, save for three that are LE25 from framed sets. I still consider myself a completest, more or less since those pins weren't meant to be broken up from their frames. So if you want to be ENG complete and say you're only complete as far as Official Disney Pin Trading pins are concerned, then you will feel less obligated to get the ones you don't like, but can still enjoy the ones you like that they made as a bonus!

    For that matter, what about how many times official pins reuse the same artwork over and over and over again (I'm looking at you Stitch pins especially). Honestly, even collecting Lion King, I get bored when they slap the same tired Simba clip art on a new pin, and usually pass it in favor of something new and unique.

    I too actually have enjoyed the majority of the Loungefly pin releases. Do I roll my eyes when I see one that's been done over and over? A little? But then yeah I imagine the shopper who doesn't live near a Disney park, sees that Stitch pin we've seen the design reused 100 times, but they get excited to buy it! For the most part, I've enjoyed a lot of their pins, seen some unique stuff, and the epoxy coating doesn't bug me. At least their art team seems to be allowed to make some unique stuff from time to time!
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    I agree with a lot of what people have said here. I am by no means complete or even close to complete in any collection. I would say the one I have thought about aiming for and would be closest would be Pecos Bill since there's only 17 pins out there. I think it is nicer aiming for first completing sets that you enjoy either mystery pins or hidden mickeys. I for one love Pirates and Haunted Mansion and don't even fathom thinking about being a completist for those. I like to be a "pins I like" completist since I would rather put time/searching/energy/money into pins I like or one or two to finish a set rather than say get every Peter Pan pin released which some I may not enjoy and can use those resources for other pins I do like.

    I do think being VMK completist would be what I would probably be most likely to have as a goal. have 8/10 of the mystery pins and 2 of the MOG pins released. The MOG pins are a lot harder to find to buy (never seen one for trade) but I would trade an awful lot to add one more to my collection.
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    Gee, I sure hope there aren't any Sedesma, ProPin, French grocery store, Italian, pre-2000, Euro-Disney, Movie Theaters, etc. pins made of your themes. They are usually of a MUCH poorer quality than Loungefly or Acme.

    Perhaps limiting your scope to only Disney Issued and not Disney Licensed pins would make for a more cohesive look for your Collection??

    It's all "in the eye of the beholder" and "to each their own" when it comes to Collections.

    More happy "bragging" :tigger: than griping is needed these days. :) :)
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    Congrats on being close to complete. That in itself is a worthy accomplishment and deserves respect for the commitment it took to get so close.

    I never felt the need to be complete in a collection (only mystery sets :rolleyes:) so I may not understand all your angst or feelings. However, it’s your collection and you are the only one who decides where you want it to go in the future.

    The only advice I can give is this. What’s the most important aspect of the collection to you? Being complete (maybe complete one day?) or enjoying the aesthetics of the collection.

    PS I own pins that I don’t like. I liked them at one time, but now I don’t like them. Also, I like the picture of the pin but didn’t like the reality of the pin once it arrived. o_O Feelings can change or evolve over time. It’s okay to let former collections go. (Now to convince myself of that.);)
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    Thanks, everybody, I really do appreciate the thoughtful responses, and I have already started to rearrange some of my pins off of a few boards to create a special board for the rejects. And of course to make room for these beauties!

    Emperor's New Groove ( 6 Pins )

    And the corollary to this thread is that Shop Disney saved my Emperor's New Groove collection! The fact that I still got super excited to see these gorgeous pins has proven that I still want to collect ENG. Thank you, Shop Disney! And now I have some room on my board to put them :)
  22. slbrabham

    slbrabham Well-Known Member

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    That’s a great set with a good mix of familiar and new art.
  23. shooting4ownhand

    shooting4ownhand Well-Known Member

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    Loungefly pins are such a hit or miss. I really like some of their new Coco and Pocahontas pins. But a lot of their pins are not as nice of quality as the ones produced by Disney. Some of the newer ones that have put out have been on par with the Disney ones. The newest Pocahontas pins that are at Box Lunch are honestly nicer than many of the Pocahontas pins Disney put out.

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