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Got some awesome pin mail this weekend.


The two bottom pins were my winnings from @sockgnome’s game. As a surprise, there were two more zaps in the package. I am so excited to add them to my collection! Thank you for your kindness!

So…. On a side note, I accidentally renewed my D-23 membership today. I have been ignoring my email messages from them and did not realize my account was going to auto-renew my subscription. So it looks like I will have some more pin mail coming in a few week. Not sure what I will be doing with it since I wasn’t really interested in this year’s pins.


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I couldn’t make a new zap post from tapatalk so I’ll just post here.

Yesterday, I received a zap from our resident bot @DisneyJ! Hei hei in his glorious pineapple braved his journey through USPS and safely arrived in sunny SoCal


It’s so nice looking in person! The pineapple has nice texture and I love the shiny/ glittery portion of the top part of the pineapple. Love my derpy rooster!

Thank you for the zap, Jason!!

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Awesome zap! Congrats!


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I received two packages on Friday.

The first is from Poohlady5.

It included a zap that is one of my iso (Mickey attraction series) and a neat sticker!

The next is from SoraPandora.

Not only did I receive the pins, she sent candy, and other assorted goodies. My children are going to love all of the Halloween themed things!

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At DLR today. Bought a bunch of mystery boxes and packs.


My husband opened 3 boxes of the Vials of Villany and got 6 different pins. I opened mine and had all duplicates of his except one.


We opened the Rescuers boxes and got the Bianca we needed.


Then the Happy New Year bozes had two that were new to us, two duplicates.


The Hidden Mickey packs had an assortment of pins.


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My oops mail! Didn’t pay attention to the auto renew email. The good news is that the little ones are enjoying the lunchbox.

These will be up for trade as long as my little one doesn’t claim any for his collection. He is getting excited about pins and has been claiming a few of mine as his own.
What does the little one collect?


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What does the little one collect?
It is hard to say since he is still nonverbal. However, I think he likes red and pink pins. He stole my Peach pin and was really showing interest in Anger. He also stole my Donald train conductor, so I am hoping he will start to choose characters that he actually recognizes from his favorite shows.


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Made it to Disney Pin Collectors Society pin trade event in Orlando last week. The Belle, Storm Trooper Helmet, HM Castles, HM Star Wars all complete those sets for me.

I am still working on the Princess initials and crests so I was happy to get Snow White and Mulan.



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Received pin mail, Yesterday. Waiting for me when I got home from the event.

Double-Pin Magic Saturday!

My trade with @SkeleCountry.

Another pin off the WANTS LIST !!


Plus... PLUS...

A ZAP...not one, but 2 (Amanda you ROCK.. TySVM) minnie pins to spruce my lanyard.

Great Pin Day, yesterday. It's been a while. Felt like old times again.

It's All About Spreading The Magic.


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