Main Street USA Postmarks - Where?

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by stratasfan, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Wondering if someone can share the location of where you can post cards in MK and get the Main Street postmark? I remember seeing a mention of there being a way to post cards from MK, but can't remember where I saw it! We may (big if there) get to go while we are visiting Gramma over the next two weeks . . . and would like to post some cards from MK if we do go! Going to be pin trading at Disney Springs and maybe hunting down squished pennies at some resorts anyway! That should be super fun!
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    I think there is an old school mailbox on main street you just drop mail in. That may be wrong but I remember seeing it.
  3. Ajk

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    I'm guessing the "Town Hall" on the left next to the fire department?

    And if they're not the spot, they should be able to tell you where is.
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    Dropping your mail in at the Main Street USA mail-boxes will simply forward them to the post offices in Orlando where it is processed/postmarked if it is not already. If you want the WDW postmark, you'll need to take it City Hall and ask the CM at counter to Postmarking your mail...
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    City Hall or the News Stand. The cast member will stamp with WDW postmark, leaving room for an official USPS postmark. Add your postage stamp and mail in a USPS box. It will be canceled in Orlando (or wherever you mail it from) as usual by the post office, so ultimately, it will have two cancellations.

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