Zapped! Murmurs in the Mulan Army.


"They call me Bruce" ....and mupins
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I am going in reverse order with my posts because I am a slackers and put this off way too long. I got a package from Littlebird QUITE a while ago that I did not expect. We have been pin friends for quite a few years and traded back and forth as good Comrades should. Here is a previous note from her when she was
Sui-something-or-other. I’m honestly glad she did the name change because I could never find her on pinpics (camouflage maybe?)

Sweet huh? We trade, we train, we are the Mulan Army.
Then I get this.

Kim, you shouldn’t have. That’s something we both need. You should have. Then I turn the card around

WAIT - WHAT? The young recruit has turned into a seasoned grail killer! Descension in the ranks!! TO ARMS, TO ARMS!
All I can say is you shouldn’t have, you shouldn’t have............... but thanks.
Will this be the end? I DONT THINK SO.

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