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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by trudms06, Oct 5, 2018.

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  1. trudms06

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    Hi! I haven't been active here in ages as I do not have time for this hobby, and as my pins are only lying in a drawer, I've realized that I might as well sell them to others that might want them. But as I only have traded pins in the past, I have no experience in selling and would like to ask for your advice. My pin collection is not huge, some pins I liked, a few Hidden Mickeys, box sets etc. As I'm not after making a profit, I'm considering to just sell the pins for the original retail price. Are there pins that are not worth their retail price? Would lots be better for "traders"? How would I set the price for Hidden Mickeys - am I correct that in the US they have/had mystery packs with HMs?

    And do I need to be aware of anything special when it comes to payments? I have a PayPal account, but have never used it to receive payments. What is the difference between Gifts and Goods?

    Shipping - how do you calculate when there are several items? This would be international shipping as I'm based in Norway. In Norway, letters (envelopes) have no tracking number, only packages that cost a lot more.

    Any info and advice from advanced sellers is highly appreciated. Thanks from a newbie seller.
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    Sent you a Private message. Im happy to help. I live in Sweden.
  3. starry_solo

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    When you accept payment as PayPal goods, you need to be able to provide a tracking number. The cost can be passed down to the buyer so I would set a minimum purchase (not including the amount of shipping). You may want to limit your sales to Europe too as tracking is probably cheaper throughout Europe than to ship to the US
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